Interview Profile Essay

I have interviewed a very good friend of mines and to my surprise she has different views on a lot of things than I do. Although I always thought of us as being so much the same and we truly are in a lot of ways, I come to see that we really are different in so many. Before the interview process with my friend that I will call Nikki for now, this is not her name but just to keep the interview confidential as promised this is what I will refer to her as. Nikki expressed that she remembers information more accurately when she observes the behavior being performed.

She stated that if she reads about a behavior she could remember it but would not be able to describe the behavior accurately unless she memorized what she read. She stated seeing things first hand for herself that she would be able to remember it better. I also would prefer to see the behavior being performed verses reading it because sometimes I have to read things a couple of time or go back and read it because I already forgot what happened. I asked Nikki if she would prefer to study in a library or at home where there are background noises and some distractions.

Nikki stated that she preferred to study at home although there are distractions and some noise she find it more comforting. She mentioned that she gets bored in a library because it is too quiet and she finds that to be a lot more distraction than actually having physical distractions. She also stated that although studying at home can have some distractions she plans the times that it is more quiet to so her studying.

Nikki has taken the Meyers Briggs test. She was a little reluctant because she stated she does not do very well with surprise test.I assured her that this was a psychological type of test and that there is neither right nor wrong answers to the test and that she should just answer them truthfully and to best of her knowledge. The results of Nikki’s test were that she is ISFP. She is 11% introverted personality, 1% sensing personality, 25% feeling personality, and 6% perceiving personality.

My results on the other hand are not the same at all. My results to the Meyers Briggs test were that I am what Jung Typology test calls or refers as ENFJ.I am 1% extraverted personality, 38% intuitive personality, 38% feelings personality, and 56% judging personality. I do not totally agree with the results of my test because I was very surprised that it seems that the test finds me judgmental and I do not believe that I am. Nikki believes that the results were pretty much on the nail. She expressed that she does feel that she has some type of introverted personality but that she really she said she does not have tendencies to focus her attention to the inner mental world rather that the reality.

I have to agree with Nikki on this but I did only get 1% in that category. She believes that the rest of the test in accurate, because she stated she used to be more emotional feelings towards certain things. For example she said she no longer sympathizes with people the way she use to.

I asked her why she believes she has changed this behavior after practicing sympathy for so long. Nikki stated that she believes because she cannot help people by sympathizing with them, she stated that she show empathy when the situation is something she can relate to.Nikki also stated that she believes that she is more perceptive that the test stated, than she changed her mind and said that she believes that the test may very well be correct because she doesn’t always give too much thought to some of her actions that she doesn’t always think before reacting to situations. I told her that I believe that can be the case in some situations of urgency and she said no, she said no she pretty much think of things randomly and that she believes she has a flexible personality.So the outcome to her thoughts on her results are that she believes that they are more accurate than not. I do not believe that my results were that accurate because as I have stated I do not see where I am judgmental at all.

As for the rest of my test results I think that they were pretty much accurate. Nikki has expressed that her STM capacity is not as great or enhanced as her LTM. Nikki expressed that she can vividly remember good as well as bad events from her child and young adulthood rather than something that may have occurred in the last year to six months.Nikki also expressed that she has what psychologist calls flashbulb memories. She states that she can be talking about one thing and just like that she can remember something that happen like it was yesterday and she stated that this happen out of the blue sometimes. I told her that I believe that these are memories were created during personally significant events in her life. Nikki believes that she has experienced things in her childhood that has contributed most in the development of her personality.

Nikki believes that her mother is the biggest influence in her personality growth. When I asked her why, she stated that her mother has a big and boisterous personality and has a way of shutting people down and over talking them. She said she is the opposite of her mother which I agree knowing her for so many years. She also stated that her mother doesn’t really listen to people because she already made up her mind, where she listens to people to get a better understanding. Nikki believes that she very much is self-monitoring in regards to her attitude.

She say that even when she is mad at someone, depending on if she wants that person to know that she is mad at them only then will they know. She says she has tendencies to cover and control displaying her attitude until she feels the need to or the time is right. She says that she does this because she doesn’t like for people to see when she is vulnerable, so in order to mask her vulnerability she doesn’t display her attitudes whether good or bad, unless you are really close with her.For example she will not show emotions in from of her co-workers/friends like crying because of relationship problems but with me and her other best friend she would cry her eyes out if need and would feel vulnerable at all. When ask the question what do you feel was the strongest influence on your attitude? Nikki replied that growing up her mother shut her down without ever really talking to her and when she cried or was pouting her mother would make comments that really hurt her feelings. She also stated that she did not want to have an attitude like her mother but in some ways she feels that he has taken after her because she never saw her mother cry or have feelings of hurt written on her face and this is why she believes that she does not like to express those emotions and her attitude toward it is the way that it is.

She believes that she has built a wall to hide her emotions behind just as her mother had done so many years before. I can relate because part of why I have developed my personality and attitude is because of how I was raised, and the things that I was taught growing up.Everything from how I make my bed in the morning to how routine certain things in my life are. I was taught very young that living life and doing certain thing in life should be routine because this way I comes natural to you and doesn’t feel like a burden or a job, and in the end you feel the rewards. And I have to say that I have felt this achievement in my structured and routine life.

Nikki believes that nor race, gender or ethnicity play a significant enough role in ones attitude because everyone is human and we all have similarities no matter where we come from.She also went on to state that some different religions are influences on one’s personality and attitude but they can be of any race, gender or ethnicity. I would have to agree with Nikki on this because, I also feel no matter what race I am if how I developed my personality and attitude came from my mother, then it would be that way no matter if we were blue, red or green. I asked Nikki does she feel that she is better when intrinsically motivated or extrinsically motivated.

She asked me to explain because she is not sure what exactly I am asking her.I told her that intrinsically motivated means that she feels pleasure from the sense of satisfaction in completing or ever working on a task. That this motivation comes from within, and that she enjoys it. Nikki said it really depends on what the task involves she says for example: cleaning after her kids is a task that she gets absolutely no pleasure, but for the most part the task of making sure her kids are well taken care of she would have to say that she is intrinsically motivated.I had to disagree with Nikki because I am the opposite because I am intrinsically motivated at whatever type of task that I come in counter with.

I believe that my interview with Nikki was very informative and successful, Nikki sated to me that she learned some things about herself and even admitted that she has to loosen up with her attitude and allow her natural personality flow more freely and not worry what people may think.