Interview to be the case interview for

Interview is a type of conversation with a
purpose of asking someone questions in accordance with his or her own
professional or life experience, or ideas about some topics in particular
(Silverman 2005, 6-7). Dr. S. M. Amunuzzaman states “interview is a very systematic method by which a person
enters deeply into the life of even a stranger and can bring out needed
information and data for the research purpose” (The Business Communication
2015). Interview is a formal
communication, where the task of the interviewer is to obtain the information
from the interviewee.


Making an interview has as benefits as opposite
attributes. The positive part of interview is that it is an easy qualitative
method, where both the interviewer and the interviewee have an opportunity to
speak in their own words and discuss more about the particular topics. To
compare with quantitative research, interview does not require that much effort
and time on planning.


As an interviewer, it is important to ask one question
at a time, not to lose control of the interview, try to remain a neutral
position as much as possible and support and fortify responses of the
interviewee. After the interview, it is needed to analyze once again the
interview for its observation.


Based on the market analysis and hookah
concept, Tosca Llar Club in Valencia (Spain) was chosen to be the case
interview for the Hookah Space lounge bar thesis. Tosca Llar Club has
approximately the same concept as the future Hookah Space lounge bar, its idea
is to provide a high-class type of leisure to people, who are interested in
listening the newest house and Latin music, smoking ultra-modern hookahs and
drinking good cocktails. What is more, it is located on the Mediterranean Sea
in Spain, where the future start-up is planned to be created. So the potential
customers and some particular experience can be on the same level. The
interview was done by Skype on Monday 30th of December 2017 from
4.00 pm to 4.45 pm with one of the managers and responsible for PR of Tosca
Llar Club. The interview done was a semi-structured interview due to the fact
that the interviewer prepared a set of structured questions, which have been at
a later stage complemented by additional extra questions during the interview.
The structured interview questions can be found in Appendix 1. The main goal of
the interview was to get general information about creation of the place, its
history, if possible both negative and positive points of starting running this
kind of business and advices for the future start-up based on personal
experience of the leisure place owner.


The interview was laconically interesting and
without any useless information. It was a pleasure to talk to the manager of
Tosca Llar Club, because it is a smart young guy, who is forming part of
something he really cares about. Meeting this kind of people, who set goals in
their life and achieve them step by step, is a big pleasure because every
person has a chance to learn a lot for personal experience from these people
and never give up in relation to whatever situation. In spite of many difficulties
and many efforts, Tosca LLar Club has become popular in a very short period of
time, mostly because of the active social media advertisements, good service
responding to the major part of potential customers’ demands and convenient


Tosca Llar Club is a spectacular lounge
terrace, located in the city of Valencia. They offer more than a thousand
meters of facilities, where it is possible to find spaces such as a chill-out
terrace, the covered porch with giant fireplaces, the glazed jaima and a pub
area, where the most famous DJs of the Community of Valencia play their
sessions of music. There is also a possibility to hire one or several areas
with a purpose to celebrate all kinds of events, such as birthdays, bachelor
parties, business events, ceremonies and so on. They have their own parking
area and even a special children area for day events. Tosca Llar Club offers as
well the group dinner menus based on the Mediterranean cuisine and different
types of grilled meat.


interview results


The interview results are really helpful and
motivating, because this interview included all the detailed information about
research questions. The manager of Tosca Llar Club gave the author an advice to
focus mostly on a high level of customer service, try to satisfy needs offering
people what they potentially demand, but still keep being unique and different
from other similar businesses. All the workers have to love their job and form
part of it, what means it is important to hire professional and well-educated
staff. The manager told that it would be also good so all the staff could speak
at least two different languages, which are Spanish and English, other languages
are more than welcome like Russian, German, Italian, French or Arabic.


From the interview the author has gotten to know
that it is crucial to provide products about which the owner would be sure
himself, which would be from the legal partner and of a good quality. By
providing to customers a good service and products, it is much easier to make
them loyal and come back to the enterprise again and again. One of the points,
which was mentioned by the interviewee was a competitive advantage that mostly
consists of a service and showing uniqueness to the customers. What is more, it
also depends on knowing how the business would work on a particular location,
what would be the consistency of it, including the well-counted finances and
simple luck to achieve the success.