Interviews activities to test how well and



Interviews being held is an important step for a company
like network rail because they get to see candidates in person and see if they
are right for the company. They also do group activities to test how well and effectively
the candidates work in a team. This also would include telephone interviews
which would be another shortlisting to get the best candidates to a face to
face interview. 

Shortlisting is important for a company such as network rail,
so they can find which candidates suit them the best and move them on this can
be through online tests such as maths, English, and situational judgement

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Receive applications with CV’s is important for a company
like network rail so they can see what skills and qualifications the candidates
have and see their interest and passion for the company. This would also
include work history.

Advertisement drawn up in appropriate media. This is
important for a company like network Rail because they need to advertise jobs
in the right places to get applicants who could fil in the employment gaps for
either long term or short term. These places of advertisement could be social
media, newspaper, websites, job centre and magazines.

The person specification looks at what network rail think is
a perfect candidate for the job is like showing up on time and whether they
have experience in this job and to be able to work perfectly in a team.

The job description for a company such as network rail would
include who they are responsible to, responsibilities included in job roles
within network rail, the title for the job, the location of the job and
qualifications you need to have for the job.














Job description
Person specification
Advertisements drawn up and placed in appropriate media
Receive applications
Short listing
Interviews held, and tests take place







Hr Plan


A company like network rail make use of a HR plan to
determine the number and types of employees required

For some of the tests third party companies create the tests
and send it out to the candidates. Then the third-party company cuts down
candidates and shortlist them depending on their results. The company that does
this is called Artic Shores Assessments. 

4 physical and finally an

tests like mechanical reasoning and an interview

3 assessment centre which includes

2 Situational judgement tests 1

1 Application

For experienced candidates or those who have training
already the requirement stage varies.


6 an offer which includes passing a

5 assessment centres where you have
an interview with the potential team leader and an employee with the interview
being competency bases where they ask for examples of a time you have done
something. The assessment centre also includes giving copies of certificates/
qualifications and then a colour-blindness test is included. 

4 a telephone interview which last
15 minutes where they ask questions about yourself and then ask some scenarios
to see how you would take on the problem and see if your right for them

3 online tests which include maths, English, and pattern

2 A match me quiz needs to be done to see how you would
react to certain circumstances.

1 application submission on their website which is filled
out online 

Network Rail requirement process for new candidates

Network rail have many reasons to recruit staff as the
business starts to grow with the new projects they are involved in.


Network rail advertise job roles internally and externally
like on their website which is wide spread enables more information about the
job roles, this is both internal and external, word of mouth of their employees
letting family and friends now about any jobs available. Some of network rails
jobs will be advertised on the government website and job centres. 

Network rail recruitment process

Developing strategies to fill in gaps or reduce oversupply.
This is important for a company such as network rail so that they are nether
short of employees meaning people won’t have to work overtime and meaning that
the business can continue to operate. But if they have an oversupply of workers
redundancies will be made so that they have enough staff to do the business day
to day activities.

Assessing the workforce needed in the future, short-term and
medium term. This is important for a company like network rail so that they can
see how many workers they need for a certain amount of time or long-term to
keep the business running.

Assessing the current workforce is important for a company
like network rail because they need to see how many people are leaving the
company or workers close to retirement.

Right people in the right place at the right time. For a
company like network rail this means that people must be in the right sector of
the company depending on their skills to get the most out of their employees
and that the employees are there when the company would need them.














Workforce planning is a company forecast of how many employees
it needs and types of employees for now and the future and if they are right
for the business.

Assessing the current work force


Assessing the work force needed in the future,
short-term, medium, and long term.


Right people in the right place at the right time.


Developing strategies to fill gaps or reduce oversupply.


Workforce planning   



Network rail has over 34,000 employees meaning is a large
business. Network rail operate, develop, and own the railway along Britain with
tunnels, bridges and viaducts and signals. Network rails role is to deliver a
safe and reliable railway everyday ensuring 4.5 million people are safe while
commuting. Network rail delivers thousands of projects which are part of the
multibillion pound railway plan. Network rail is a public company and runs day
to day railway through nine developed based businesses called routes managing
the railway. Network rail has a matrix structure which is designed to ensure
that they are supported by a national frame work through five central services.