Peter important to do. He had to show

Peter meanwhile rapidly flew down to the ship circling the mast and wolf whistling to the crew. Screams and shouts were heard but Peter was uninterested in fighting today. He had something more important to do. He had to show off his girl to the boys. He had to introduce them to their new mother. He pulled faces at the crew and told them that he would soon return for a battle that would end the long war between the boys and the pirates. Who would win was uncertain, but Peter thought that the boys had a good chance; they had magic, and all that is good on their side. What did the pirates have? Peter then left for the forest.

The captain emerged form the cabin. “Well, where is he?” the captain asked urgently, “I want a piece of him, I feel the time is near when this war will be over forever, and we shall be victorious.” “S-s-s-sorry C-c-Captain, he, he just went” Smee quietly spoke up “I was just about to wake you, but he left, he didn’t seem to want to fight, he must have had something on his mind. Although he did bring some children back with him. We saw then sitting on that cloud with him” he continued pointing out the cloud in which the children had been previously sitting on.”

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“Well, we shall have to quicken the pace of this war. FIND THOSE CHILDREN.” The captain ordered, “Into the forest!” But once again, when the pirates returned to the ship, they had nothing and no-one in tow. For Peter and the lost boys hideout was carefully hidden, and had not yet been discovered by Captain Hook, or the pirates.

Tink guided the boys and Wendy to the forest, but Wendy was the only one that could keep up with him. Tink had immediately taken a dislike to Wendy. She was going to get in the way of Peter and Tink’s relationship. Tink wanted Wendy gotten rid of. He had a plan. He flew even faster down into the forest and alerted the lost boys. They were led to believe that Wendy was a bird that Peter wished dead. They each shot an arrow at her, one hit her in the chest. She fell from the sky and hit the ground with a small thud. The boys surrounded her body lying amongst bright flowers of every kind and every colour.

“That is not a bird” pointed out one boy. “That is a lady” said another. “That could be my mother.” One cried sadly. At that moment Peter returned with Wendy’s brothers in tow. He had found them wondering in the forest. He was extremely happy and couldn’t wait to show off Wendy. But when he could not see her anywhere but Tink was flying around happy, he grew concerned. “Tink. Where is Wendy?” Tink made various twinkling sounds. Peter grew angry and pushed through the group of boys. he fell to his knees and grabbed Tink.

“Why did you do this? Why! Are you jealous because there is someone that means more to me than you? Are you?” Tink continued making excuses. But they were in vain. “You are banished” he said with anger and rage in his voice. He released the upset fairy from his grasp and gasped as the girl beside him sighed. She was alive! He ordered the boys to build the lady a house so that she had somewhere descent to wake up in rather than the open forest.

When Wendy awoke, she was amazed to find herself in a man made house, made out of all things living in the forest. As she emerged from the tiny house, she found a group of 7 scruffy boys on there knees. In unison they asked her to be their mother. Of course she immediately agreed. They were so young, and not to have mothers was terrible. She could be there mother for as long as she could. She wasn’t even thinking about going home yet. The lost boys led her to their home under the ground. It was below the biggest tree in the forest.

Wendy, her brothers, the lost boys and Peter lived happily for a while. They lived their lives day by day, doing what they wanted when they wanted. None of the Darling children thought of home. They enjoyed doing their own thing. It was the sense of adventure and fun. But one day everything changed.

Wendy was sitting by the mermaids lagoon, thinking, when she realised that she could no longer remember home. She could not picture her parents faces, she had forgotten too much of home. She missed them, she missed the comforts of home that she thought she’d never miss. The way everything is run on a busy schedule. As she was thinking she did not someone coming up behind her. Captain Hook slowly approached the girl sat on the rock. The captain loudly cleared her throat to make her presence known to the girl. Wendy spun round, surprised. She had thought all the boys were going hunting in the forest. When she saw that it was not the boys, that it was in fact captain hook she was in awe. From the stories that she had heard of the captain, she expected her to be look evil and ugly. But the captain was in fact beautiful. The captain sat down next to Wendy on the rocks, Wendy was not scared, she was entranced. How could someone so beautiful, be so evil?

But she was to find out soon enough. The captain and Wendy talked for a while. They did not act like enemies, and neither mentioned Peter, the lost boys or the pirates. Wendy thought that the captain was a nice, pleasant woman that did not deserve all the horrid comments made about her by the boys. But, the captain followed Wendy back to the home under the ground, she was to make plans to kidnap the children as they left the home.

Thus the next morning, Wendy decided that that would be when they left the island, it was time for her and her brothers to return home, to return to the lives that they were born to live, they weren’t meant to live in Neverland. They were meant to live at home, in London, with their parents. But, when John and Michael left the home under the ground, followed by the lost boys, they were roughly grabbed by the pirates. Wendy waited behind to say goodbye to Peter. He didn’t want her to leave. He wanted her to stay with him forever. He knew he was being selfish but wouldn’t stop sulking. And so she left, without him saying a proper goodbye to her. As she left the home under the ground, she too was grabbed by the pirates. She tried to scream out to Peter, but like the others was quickly dragged off to the ship.