Into the Wild Essay

In the entirety of this world, there is an abundance of corruption and evil injustice. Not to mention oppressive social agendas that strips our moral criteria and ability to freely comply. Although we have proudly represented a foundation of liberty and freedom from our glorious pioneers, society’s greed and selfish desires diminished those hard earned values. Retrospectively, it is imminent that we humans uphold a defiant nature that has been deeply rooted into our behalf through mere dissatisfaction.

Similarly Chris McCandless in the story “Into the Wild” is one example in which it exemplifies this idea, as he became discontent of the regular routine of society. Although raised in a very wealthy household as well as a bright prosperous future that was ahead of him, his true motive ultimately led him astray. However, throughout his ordeal he encountered a few acquaintances that had different views upon his actions than that of say his father Walt McCandless.

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In the beginning of Chris’ adventure, he first meets a man named Wayne Westerberg. Chris’ overall view of him was very amiable and the same for Westerburg. Even though Wayne did not quite understand the reason for Chris’ idea to go to Alaska he acknowledged his hardworking character and saw him as a very diligent person. Westerberg acclaimed “I’ve given jobs to lots of hitchhikers over the years, …most of them weren’t much good, didn’t really want to work. It was a different story with Alex. He was the hardest worker I’ve ever seen. (pg. 18) which shows how Chris is not like the other ordinary hitchhikers and even with all the wealth he had, he responsibly finished any tedious jobs that had been given to him. A while after Chris’ death Krauker the author of this book, wrote about his adventure. He wanted to acknowledge readers that Chris was not just a stubborn individual seeking isolation. He had a dream; an adventurous idea that portrayed an adventurers motivation. Like Krauker said “McCandless at least tried to follow his dream, that’s what was great about him.

He tried. Not many do,” (pg. 54) He had vision in which he chased after what he wanted; seeking a life that was different than the average life of society. In contrary, Chris’ father Walt McCandless was confused and could not understand his reason. “How is it,” “that a kid with so much compassion could cause his parents so much pain? ” (pg. 104) Despite all the emotion that had been stirred up from Chris’ death, he repeatedly questions the reason for Chris’ departure. Why? What caused him to leave?

Although Chris’ dad was part of his family, he never truly understood Chris deep inside and only acknowledged his outside, compassionate personality. Overall, we see that Chris’ trait was hardworking, determined, and unexpressive described by three different people. Even though others have different views upon him, I personally believe his motive was ill-advised. Chris McCandless was a selfish man. Wasting the best gift anyone could receive. Life. Why should one man feel the need to recklessly rebel against society to the point of death?

Even though we will never understand his reason I feel as though life should not be taken lightly where one can go about to explore anywhere he insists. Why can’t then billions of other people who feel the same way as do the same thing. What leaves me even more distraught is that he undoubtedly had a far better life than those others. A future that was destined for greatness. Why should I or even others around the world who have read this book feel empathy for this kind of man? In conclusion my perspective cannot set apart the view that others thought of him.