Into the World – English Essay

“Relationship with people can prevent or encourage an individual’s steps into the world” Relationships can prevent or encourage change within a person but it is ultimately time and the individual’s own mental endurance to lead progress into the world. ‘The Story of Tom Brennan’ by J. C Burke explores the main character, Tom Brennan and his family, dealing with the dramatic event that the oldest son, Daniel, creates in a drink driving accident.In the novel Tom is in a state of uncertainty, Tom’s life come to a drastic change caused by Daniel which within this time of family crisis Tom is forced to mature and step into the world but unprepared. The hyperbole and exaggeration with the use of colloquial terms which express frustration and hopelessness, the “cave” is symbolic of their oppressive home and state of mind.

In the poem ‘THE DOOR’ by Miroslav Holub also establishes drastic changes as the poem presents the resistance to change and the attitude that change inevitable.The change from child view into an adult’s view shows the change in life physically and mentally as you grow up, this is inevitable as everything changes and grows. Tom Brennan, inevitable makes this transition from child to adult.

Moving into the world can be a force of nature through relationships, events and experiences. The forced experience is well communicated by Tom’s narrative voice, “There aren’t words to say how black and empty that pain felt. It was deeper than the darkest hole.It had no beginning and no end…” The panic was suffocating. ” His reflective flashback styles insure the dramatic tension of his emotions and state of mind. The manner in which the members of the Brennan family relate to each other, as well as to the horrible situation they are faced because of Daniels recklessness and irresponsible behavior. They remain a united family even though they are faced with an extremely complex situation but Tom was never able to be the same, “above all the silence, was the piercing sound of death.

This metaphor allows the audience to understand the state of which he is in as to relate within reality. The ‘piercing’ sound [of death] presents that he is so overwhelmed by this situation that he suddenly becomes unaware of anything else but the fact that only death is surrounding him and his family, leaving them in silence and disconnected. Different relationships with different people have different impacts on an individuals’ transition into the world.

Fin is Tom’s cousin, one of Daniel’s car accident victims and in addition to that, he is spending the rest of his life as a paraplegic. Fin is a symbol of Tom’s unbarring past of that night of the accident as even mentioning his name triggers dark flashbacks or a sense of guilt and responsibility. “Fin three days after the accident-“they didn’t think he was going to make it…all we could do was stand around, stunned and silent”.

“I wanted to see him but it was so hard.Each time he’d be a bit thinner, a bit quieter” the use of the descriptive language allows us to visualize Fin’s physical state and emphasize the state of what is going through Tom’s mind. Tom’s relationship with Fin forces Tom to face this crisis as this is a traumatic and dramatic change in his life as Tom’s relationship with Fin also changes. “He will never be the same Fin that I knew. The healing process is a gradual and painful process that takes twelve months. As Tom observes, “We were all on our own journey, and some days the traveling was worse than others.

negative experience test capacity to cope individually and as a family; representing a turning point in their lives that demand to recover. It is inevitable to grow up; Either though physically, mentally or emotionally. In the poem ‘The Door’ by Miroslav Holub shows the resistance to change and the attitude that change is inevitable. The change from a child’s view to an adult’s view shows the change in life physically and mentally as you grow up, this is inevitable as human beings grows older. change’ in ‘The Door’ is seen as a positive force. By saying ‘even if there’s a fog’ the poem reassures the reader that it will clear.

The poet encourages us to seek change and try and ‘open the door’ by opening the door individuals approach the idea of’ change’ allowing them to overcome obstacles. ‘The story of Tom Brennan’, Tom relates to the poem ‘The Door’ as he is forced to transition from child to adult through his experiences after Daniel’s car accident and jail sentence.When comparing these two texts it becomes apparent that change is inevitable weather it is resisted, suppressed or forced upon by the individual, preparedness is not an issue in the transition into new phases of life – it will not occur whether you are prepared or not; but it is up to the individual to for the upcoming transition as they move into their new world. Change is inevitable within every aspect of life there will be a change, it can be though the force of nature physically, mentally or emotionally. Through changes we must accept, prepared or forced it is inevitable. Fair or not fair we are unable to change the unchangeable.