Introduction company was due to the progressive leadership

Leadership and management in the contemporary business organization is a daunting task because of the dynamic nature of the business environment. There are high expectations by stakeholders of the organization despite the many challenges and diversities that management has to address (Chen, 2011).  As a new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of an organization, leadership, and management process at the organization needs to effectively influence people to accomplish objectives of the organization in a manner that is cohesive and coherent.  The primary function of required leadership is to influence persons in the organization to achieve the organization’s shared goal. Therefore, the traits of the leader and behavior can affect the necessary actions by the people in the organization to realize the organizational goals and objectives. The efficient execution of leadership and management is theoretical principles, experience and leadership style by the leader (Chen, 2011).  
Brief description of the company
Callfax Inc. is an information technology company based in the United States.  The organization started in the year 2000 and had since expanded its operations into the international markets.  The firm now has fully fledged business divisions in all continents in the world and employees from diverse backgrounds. Satisfactory performance of the company was due to the progressive leadership of its former top management. The business model of the company entails the use of information technology and other online applications to offer customers solutions.
Therefore, it evaluates the leadership and development of the company following my appointment of a new chief executive officer. The analysis will assess various aspects of organizational leadership and management like how the as CEO, I will develop the new organization, my primary focus on significant areas of organizational management and organizational structure. Chen, (2011) argues that, “other aspects that need looking into include how the executive influences team-building, networking, leadership policies and styles used.”  Therefore, the analysis will evaluate how I will implement the organizational policies, my management philosophy, and human resource management (Chen, 2011).  
Leadership and development
As the new leader for the organization, four main things that I need to focus on to be successful include: my persona as leaders, my followers, communication, and management situations that may arise during my serving.  As a leader, I will be honest with who I am, what I can do, and what I know. Through these understanding, my followers will enhance my success. Through this strategy, I am able to convince my followers that I am worthy of their support and their leader. Regarding the people in the organization, I will employ different leadership styles that suit the needs of the employees. For example, new employees in the organization will require closer supervision while people lacking motivation will need a different approach that guarantees them a higher degree of motivation.  Moreover, this will act as a fundamental understanding in understanding the people in the organization, knowing their needs, motivation, and emotions.  To succeed, my management policies and vision, communication will be very critical.  I will employ two-way communication mostly non-verbal.  I will set examples of effective communication; this will enhance my strategies of making the people in the organization perform work and projects. Communication is a significant factor for enhancing my relationship with people in the organization and thus enhancing their support and working towards the realization of the organization goals and development. To ensure leadership development, allocations of the leadership team are a must and will improve the leadership average of the functional and operational level leaders.  It will also enhance the making of decisions that will improve the efficiency of the organization. Those mentioned above will translate to good results, customer satisfaction, and my success as a leader. 
        I will also institute training and management programs in significant areas of management for primary organizational functions. Finally, I will give a contingent leadership and management style determined by the prevailing situations and circumstances in the organization in-turn it will help me in addressing the diversity issues of the different backgrounds and management orientation of people in the organization. 
    To offer total leadership, I will continually seek to improve my leadership skills and be technically proficient and responsible for all my actions, make timely and informed decisions, set an example, take care of the organization, its people and ensure that all organizational tasks are understood, managed and accomplished. 
Employee development
Mendenhall (2018) ascertains that, “employees are the most significant assets that the organization has.” Therefore, I will put more effort in the management of the employees as a strategy of ensuring that they are motivated to work towards organizational objectives. Additionally, will employ International Human Resource Management (IHRM) to make the organization benchmarks with the global best practices. Furthermore, will introduce the concept of diversity management to take care of the diverse nature and different background of the employees in the organization. 
         Will institute an integrated communication management system, which will fast forward the exchange of information and ideas to the organization. The implication and innovative solutions will improve organizational products and services and thus enhance the value that our organization offers its customers. 
         To develop the skills of employees, will introduce training and mentorship programs, which will increase employees’ skills and buy-in to the organization and ultimately reduce their turnover.  Assign Human Resources to place assessment centers that will offer leaderless group discussions, interviews, role-plays, and in-baskets. Collected information, will aid me with the following; provide formal education programs like performance appraisals, Myers-Briggs test, upward feedback, benchmarking and 360-degree feedback program. Other strategies include job experiences, interpersonal relationships, and other forms of career development and job experience (Mendenhall, 2018). 
Organizational Development
Bazerman (2016) alleges that, “organizational development entails a collection of various change methods that will improve the well-being of employees and the effectiveness of the organization.” This system of planned change interventions will be based on humanistic and democratic values to enhance the overall effectiveness of the organization. Implementation of these strategies will ensure that everyone in the organization is a part of a complex entity.  
Furthermore, will increase the level of enthusiasm at all levels and improve the general level of individual and collective organization planning. Revitalize all the organizational process through diagnosing and identifying problems. After identifying issues facing the organization, I will plan the strategy for change, intervene, and evaluate the system for its effectiveness through necessary interventions. Another organizational development strategy is team development and building of a process feedback system. 

Strategic Planning and Change Management
Mendenhall (2018) argues that, “through strategic planning one can institute changes, which enhance the sustainability of business in medium and long-term”. Therefore, I will ensure that the institute change is not disruptive to the present organizational systems and structures.  Moreover, I will put in place a gradual mechanism that will implement the strategic planning.  To manage change at the organization, I will apply various tools, principles, processes, and skills to chive the desired outcomes of the change initiatives. 
For a practical result, will use a structured approach of change management that requires a set of processes, and tools to deliver the required change. Through a vision and strategies for implementing change, will develop a management team that will oversee change management under the auspices of leadership, understanding first who, then what, confronting the brutal facts, using the hedgehog concept, develop a culture of discipline and using technology as a facilitator (Mendenhall, 2018). 
Communication Networks
Mendenhall (2018) further argues that, “successful management of an organization depends on communication systems embraced. Communication is critical when it comes to making informed decisions.” Therefore, using communication networks will enhance interaction of the internal and external business environments of the organization.  Monitor all activity of all channels of communication in the organization that range from the vertical channels, horizontal channels, and the diagonal channels. Therefore, this will ensure seamless communication between the organization and its environment. Moreover, I will develop a decision support system for management to enhance their making of decisions through effective communication. Another aspect of the communication networks that I will re-look is corporate communication. I will innovate the corporate advertisements by the organization, its engagement on the social media and the external customers.  As a CEO, I will also enhance my communication networks for the better management of the corporation (Mendenhall, 2018). 
High-Performing Organizations
The successful implementation of the above-discussed strategies will turn the organization into a high-performing organization in future.  However, to support this, we must initiate various strategies and policies. 
Several strategies will take place:
(a) Enhance the capability of the organization via the selection and procurement of the best talent. 
(b) Through communication and exchange of ideas, the corporation will come up with innovative solutions and development of its products and services. 
(c) Institute a systemic strategy development processes that will involve the people in the process and the strategy itself. 
(d) Declare the company vision, mission, and value everywhere.
Define and decompose the value gap, perform the strategic analysis, formulate and launch the strategy (Eigenhuis and Eigenhuis, 2008). 
        Strategy, Execution, and Governance
Syrett & Economist Newspaper Limited (2007) states that, “strategy is making, execution and governance process requires one to develop a vision and set goals as well as objectives.” Therefore, designing the strategy effectively to achieve its objectives and vision will follow it. The governance aspect of the process will involve assigning responsibility, setting timeliness and availing resources to the implementation team. The management team will evaluate the effectiveness of the implementation, monitor processes, evaluate performance, and make the necessary corrective adjustments.  Changing positions may do the required revision of the strategy, and react to new opportunities and realities (Syrett and Economist Newspaper Limited, 2007). 
The Human Dimension
As noted earlier, human resources are the most critical division owned by the organization. Therefore, having a human dimension in all aspects of organizational management will be very significant. My management will shift from the traditional approach and improve the organization from the bottom up. By developing the human capital, the organization will enhance its capability and become more effective. I will invent the social realities in many organizations and leverage them for its successful performance. I will also use strategies such as market competition, testing, and reforms from within (Bazerman, 2016). 
To succeed in my management at Callfax organization, I will require a strong team that is dedicated, highly committed, self-motivated, and ambitious employees who will give the organizing much of their work efforts. There is a need to improve the morale of the employees, their self-drives, and energy. To achieve this, I will create self-motivation plans as well as organizational motivation plans. 
Motivation strategies to include; (a) clarifying goals (b) identify obstacles, (c) handling each obstacle. To motivate employees, I will institute human resource strategies that find the right jobs for all employees in the organization. Empower employees to make decisions, enhance competition, cooperation and involve employees in organizational development. To the extent of the position, possibly provide job security, create a comfortable working environment, and treat them fairly. Additionally, ensure that the compensation strategies used by the organization are very equitable (Evans, 2016). 
Teams and Teamwork
To have effective teams, I will seek to understand the team concept.  Have an open door policy and communicate effectively, sharpen the communication skills and use various techniques for building better teams. 
To ensure high-potential employees as being part of the management teams, I will focus on team member competence, character, collaboration, and communication. Lead by example and demonstrate the character and competency. Offer motivation through the creation of ownership and accountability for group results and progress. 
To make the organizational teams work, clarify the required performance, expectation, and foster collaborations and teamwork. To develop the organizational teams, I will balance the skills among the members of various teams, formulate goals, optimize their performance, and improve their efficiency (TV Choice Productions, 2014).  
Managing Diversity
My management of diversity in the organization will be based on my appreciation and respect to all individuals in the organization and other stakeholders. By understanding that people in my organizations are unique, I will uphold the various elements of diversity and corporate diversity in the organization through the following strategies, ensure that the recruitment of the organization’s human resources has a pool of diverse talent and background (Chen, 2011).  Use diversity in the communication strategies and networking by the organization by ensuring that all of its products and service targets all consumers across its markets. 
Plan and implement organizational practices and systems to manage people in a manner that optimizes their potential. Embrace a multi-culture strategy of respecting the presence of diverse groups in the organization and leverage their differences to the success of the organization. Everyone in the organization, from the young, old, women, disabled and people of different languages will have their place in the organization (Chen, 2011).  
       Managerial Decision Making
French, Rayner, Rees, & Rumbles (2015) argue that, “managerial decision making is a complex process.” Therefore, Callfax Inc. being a global organization, I will endeavor through my expertise, experience, and skills to ensure that the decisions I will make for the organization will be effective. All the decisions I will make will be based on the evaluation of corporate problems, generating alternative solutions, evaluating the available solutions to select the best, implementing, and monitoring the best solution. I will also utilize and implement the four main functions of management that include planning, controlling, organizing and leading. To make effective and informed decisions, will use the decision support system. To have collaborative leadership, will streamline the various management levels that include the operational, functional, and top management of the company. Further, advocate for multiple models of decision-making like the rational model, the non-rational model, incremental model, satisfying model and the garbage-can model to fit the various management situations. To ensure diversity, I recommend that organization management consider making group decisions. Consultations are as well supported through appropriate channels and people to ensure that the decisions made are embraced and implemented (French et al. 2015).

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Ethics and values
Schein & Schein (2017) says that “successful management of an organization depends on set ethics and values of an organization.” Similarly, successful management of Callfax Corporation depends on set organizational ethics and values. Therefore, the organization will institute an ethics and value policy that will act as a guide that will direct all the actions by its management and entire human resources and stakeholders. To succeed, I will ensure that ethics start at the top by leading by example. I will make ethics the responsibility of the organization’s leadership. I will also challenge other leaders to create an ethical organization. 
 Through education and development, all organization stakeholders will be informed of the ethics and values that guide the organization. The organization will also place its leaders on the front line in ethics and values development. As a leader my role in promoting this will be developing ethical and behavioral influences. I will also offer sound ethical and value training. I will as well instill strong organizational values; implement strategies and plans for achieving ethical excellence and build and sustain an integrity-based organization (Schein and Schein 2017). 
Managing Emotions at Work
Ivancevich (2017) argues that, emotions at work emanate from communication among employees and management, which is prone to some degrees of emotional content.  Emotions may influence the organization either positively or negatively.” My focus will be on positive emotions that will contribute towards the success and sustainability of the organization. Therefore, through self-awareness and management, I will urge total tolerance for everybody and appreciation of diversity. Additionally, this will apply to various obligations by all people in the organization as a collective responsibility towards organization success.  I will ensure that treatment between managers and among employees is professional. Moreover, I will work towards a more flexible workforce. I will as well restructure organizational systems and structures to have a good operation system for everybody (Catlin-Legutko and Klingler, 2012).
Organizational Environments
Organizational environments include the internal and external environments that influence the corporation. Environments affect the performance of the organization in many ways. Organizational environments also include general and specific environments. Specific environments are critical in the attainment of goals and objectives of the organization. These environments include competitors, pressure groups, customer, and suppliers. Therefore to ensure the success of the firm, I will embrace effective management and good relationship with these environmental stakeholders. The external environment is the economic conditions, political and legal conditions, demographic, socio-cultural conditions, and global and technological conditions.
I will seek to leverage the competitive advantages of the corporation and optimize the efficiency within the realities in the organizational environments. Concerning competitors, I cannot afford to ignore them. Adequately respond to their policies, strategies, and incentives to customers and the business. Interaction with the suppliers of the organization will ensure that there is a steady flow of inputs to the organizing and a reliable flow to meet organizational goals. For the general environment, adopt the best practices and benchmark with peer organization, use globally proven strategies to steer the organization to great success, make it more reputable and meet customer demands and strive to satisfy most stakeholders (Hersey, et al. 2015).

The job of the Chief Executive Officer has high expectations because of its day-to-day role in the management of organizations. Contemporary business environment is very dynamic and unpredictable; therefore, as a CEO the management of a global organization may be daunting. This analysis evaluated the management and leadership vision of the writer of this essay about his leadership and management vision for the organization as a new CEO.
The report includes his primary areas of management focus and development, networking, organizational structure and teambuilding among other aspects of organizational management. Through the analysis, the CEO has outlined the most appropriate methods, policies, strategies, and management philosophy whose adjustment by his leadership in the organization may make an effective and optimal contribution of the human resources in the organization.