INTRODUCTION out the sounds of a word

INTRODUCTION : Illiteracy means “lack of education” a
person who is not able to read or write.It is also defined as the person who is
 not educated . IIlliteracy May-be
someone can read just a little, some can make out the sounds of a word and some
just cannot read at all.

 nowadays when technology is playing a
very important part in our daily lives, getting educated has become vital.
Although food, shelter, and clothes are the basic necessities of life but adding
 Education to that mix would not be out
of bounds. Those Countries that are develoing  have made the education their primary concern.
The countries with literate people are always going to be ahead  when it comes to economic stability.
Illiteracy has been the Achilles heel of many countries around the world.

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Education is very important nowadays .Nothing is important
than education because an educated and literate person can manage things more
easily and better. Our society must understand this problem. Many tribes and
illiterate societies restrict girls from learning, reading and writing, such
societies are actually a scourge for
the whole nation. Many poor nations are now slaves of other nations just
because of very low literacy level. An illiterate person is more vulnerable to
poverty, hunger, slavery and diseases. Diseases spread due to unawareness and
unawareness is the result of illiteracy.

Illeteracy is destroying societies like a scourge.
Illiteracy is no doubt a curse for a living nation. Nations can come to end if
the percentage of illiteracy is higher. An illiterate person is unable to find
right way for him as a result he becomes the slave of others who use him like a
puppet. Instead, a literate person can understand that what is right for him
and what is wrong. A main cause of poverty is also illiteracy because poverty
born from an illiterate society.

The global map shows that Europe is the country that has
maintained the highest possible adult literacy rates in the world. That is a
solid indicator as to why Europe has done so well when it comes to the economic
market within the world, of course, countries like Greece are an exception to
the rule. The contrast to this rule can be seen very clearly when the Middle
East is compared to its neighboring areas, South and Central Asia and North of
Africa as well.

Most of the Middle Eastern countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia,
Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, and Israel have a high literacy rate, which has made the
economy of these countries flourish more than others. However, if you just more
to the west and look at countries like South Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia and Chad,
the countries that feature among the lowest literacy list, have dire economic and
socio-political situation

The school level education in most countries throughout the
world is provided mostly by the government-funded institutions. But when the
economic situation of a country is so screwed up that people can’t even get the
most basic of the necessities of food and water, you have to say that funding
education is going to be a significant problem.

also has a high illetracy rate . In Pakistan 40% people are living below
poverty line. In such condition how it is possible for them to send their
children to schools, colleges and