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                    Since the very beginning
people have travelled. Food, water, saftey or acquisition of assets was the
early travel developments. But the idea of travel for pleasure or misuse soon emerged.
Travel has dependably relied on innovation to give the methods or method of movement.
The ancient people were traveled by walking or with the help of animals. The
invention of the wheel give new methods for  transportation. Every change in invention
expanded people’s chances to movement. The word tourism is identified with tour
which is derived from the Latin word ‘Tornos’ 
which means a tool for describing a circle. The thought of a round tour
or a package tour has originated from the word ‘tornos’ which is particularly
the essence of tourism.

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                      Tourism plays a major
role in Indian Economy. The Central and State Governments recognizes the
significance of tourism industry. Tour is a part of instruction.India is an
ancient nation. Historical monuments, archaeological wealth and relics are
spread everywhere throughout the nation. So that, people from different nations
come to India consistently to see incalculable lovely spots, historic sites and
places of pilgrimage. During a travel, tourist must assimilate that what nature has
to offer, what relics of history seems to teach and what would life ultimately
seeks to convey.

                      Tourism enables the
visitors to get to know the way of life, traditions, language and lifestyle of
the neighborhood individuals. The modern life of Indian people are exceptionally
unpredictable. Tour and holidays conveys the much-require relaxation to our
brain, body and soul. It revives our body and gives back our wellness. The soul
of satisfaction become visible on our beaming faces.The idea of tourism has
turned into another coinage in the field of travelling. Scarcely any years hack
travelling was a term which men utilized as a part of instance of tour. People
now are more habituated with the idea of ‘tourism’ and all need to know the
unknown historic sites and to see the unseen. In India, from the Himalayas to
Kanyakumari there are such a large number of lovely spots, historic sites places of
pilgrimages, various temples and Musjids spread over the country. In old circumstances, Uttaranchal was the place
that is known for God. Badrinath, Kedarnath, Amarnath, Gangotri, and
Hemkund-all encompassed by snow capped peaks pull in devout souls and tourists
alike. The excellent spots like Simla, Nainital and Ranikhet with snow-clad
reaches pull in the tourist of India and abroad. Trips to Puri, to Kanyakumari,
the southernmost tip of land in India, to Chennai, Mumbai and Goa are similarly
fantastic. Tajmahal of Agra, the Red-Fort of Delhi, the vestiges of Nalanda,
cave temples of Ajanta and Ellora, holy places of Mathura, Somnath and Benaras
charm the tourists. Kashmir and Shillong are also awesome places in the tourist

                   Tourism is thriving as an
industry. The economy of numerous tourist places relies on tourism. The
important hill stations of India are Ooty, Manali, Simla, Gangtok, Darjeeling,
Mirik etc. These lovely slope stations draws travelers attraction. The wild
life sanctuary of  Dooars likewise draws
in the visitors. Wild of the Sunderbans, Gour and Pandua of Malda, Lalbag of
Murshidabad and Mayapur of Nabadwip were also attracts travelers from the India
and abroad. Presently, tourism industry is a major source of  foreign money.

                  Tourism is a vital sector of
the Indian economy. Studies proposes that in 2016 around 10% of India’s GDP was
contributed by tourism. The regularly developing tourism industry of India is
probably going to take up a significantly greater piece of India’s economy
later on.

                   Health tourism in India is
the quickest developing section of tourism industry, according to the market
research report “Booming Medical Tourism in India”. The report
includes that India offers an extraordinary potential in the restorative
tourism industry. Factors such as  low
cost, scale and range of treatments provided in the country add its attraction
towards health tourism.

                  As per National Geographic Traveler, Kerala is one among the
most loved and to be seen traveler goals on the world. The idea of Health tourism
is getting force in God’s Own Country. The idea of Health Tourism alludes to
visit by abroad patients for therapeutic treatment and unwinding. The open
doors in Indian Healthcare segment in therapeutic framework and innovation are
simply exceed expectations and fit for contending with the one in created countries.Patients
from different nations are getting to be noticeably therapeutic vacationers to
India for minimal effort and well being remedial elective medications. The restorative
visitor experience medicines of a blend of Ayurveda, yoga, Acupuncture, Oil
rub, Nature treatments, and some antiquated Indian medicinal services
strategies, for example, Vedic care, and exchange human services benefit
including giving Spa to the body . Kerala, a state in South India, has built up
itself as a conspicuous goal of world occasion tourism for its normal
magnificence and social assets. Kerala is a most reasonable goal with alluring and
tranquil feel, neighborly and mindful administration. The state is additionally
depicted as “God’s own nation” (National Geographic, 2004). Kerala
has detected the potential for wellbeing holidaying in view of its extremely
old’s Ayurveda restorative framework. Various lodgings and resorts along with
doctor’s facilities are putting forth this treatment in unique periods in a
year and in uncommon bundles.

Health Tourism Definitions

1.     “The
practice of travelling abroad in order to receive medical treatment”


2.     “The
practice of traveling to a tourist destination with the main purpose of  receiving some therapeutic treatment”


3.     “Health
tourism is traveling expressly for the purpose of engaging in some sort of
health procedure”

History of Health Tourism

The idea of health tourism isn’t another one. The
main recorded example of health tourism goes back a large number of years to
when Greek explorers gone from everywhere throughout the Mediterranean to the
little region in the Saronic Gulf called Epidauria. This region was the asylum
of the recuperating god Asklepios. Epidauria turned into the first travel goal
for medicinal tourism.Spa towns and asylums might be viewed as an early type of
health tourism. Health tourism for knee or hip substitutions has developed as
one of the more generally acknowledged 
techniques on account of the lower cost and insignificant challenges
related with the heading out to or from the surgery. Colombia gives a knee trade
for about $5,000 USD, including all related charges, for example, FDA approved
prosthetics and healing center stay-over costs. Be that as it may, numerous
facilities quote costs that are not comprehensive and incorporate just the
specialist charges related with the procedure. According to an article by the University
of Delaware distribution; Popular medicinal travel overall goals include:
Argentina, Brunei, Cuba, Colombia, CostaRica, Hong Kong, Hungary, India,
Jordan, Lithuania, Malaysia, The Philippines, Singapore, South Africa,
Thailand, and as of late, Saudi Arabia, UAE, South Korea, Tunisia and New
Zealand. In a few sections of the world, more extensive political issues can
impact where health voyagers will search out medicinal services. Health tourism
suppliers have created as mediators to join potential medicinal voyagers with supplier
healing centers and different associations. Organizations are starting to offer
worldwide social insurance alternatives that will empower North American and
European patients to get to world social insurance at a small amount of the
cost of household mind. Organizations  that
emphasis on restorative esteem fly out ordinarily give chiefs to help patients with
pre-and post-travel medicinal issues. They likewise help to give assets to follow-up
mind upon the patient’s arrival.                   

Today’s health tourism is an emerging concept; it
has its origin and roots in history of tourism and travel. The impressive
achievements of Ancient Rome which enabled traveling on roads and visiting spas
impacted not only tourism but health tourism as well. The popular spa
destination at that time was the town of Bath in Britain. Spa tourism then
continued to expand during the middle Ages serving the wealthy with several spa
resorts around Europe with thermal and mineral water. Later on, sea bathing
also became a healthy form of recreation. Even though health tourism was first
designed as a commercial activity in 1973, these travels aimed at well-being
and leisure as a means for escaping from everyday work and stress.

Hall defines health tourism as “a commercial
phenomena of industrial society which involves a person travelling overnight
away from the normal home environment for the express benefit of maintaining or
improving health, and the supply and promotion of facilities and destinations
which seek to provide such benefits”.


Need of Health Tourism

                             Health tourism can
be extensively characterized as arrangement of ‘financially savvy’ private therapeutic
care as a team with the tourism business for patients requiring surgical and
different types of specific treatment. This procedure is being encouraged by
the corporate segment engaged with restorative care and also the tourism
business – both private and open. Health tourism has turned into a typical type
of traveling, and covers an expansive range of therapeutic administrations. It
blends recreation, fun also, unwinding together with wellbeing and medicinal
services. Things will change radically for India, particularly in perspective
of the superb ability of restorative experts, sponsored by the quick enhancing
hardware and nursing offices, or more all, the cost effectiveness of the
bundle. As Indian corporate healing centers are on par, if not superior to the
best doctor’s facilities in Thailand, Singapore, and so on there is degree for
development, and the nation may turn into a favored therapeutic goal.
Notwithstanding the inexorably top class therapeutic care, a major draw for outside
patients is likewise the exceptionally negligible or barely any shortlist as is
regular in European or American healing centers. Indeed, need treatment is
given today in Indian healing centers. The Apollo Group, Escorts Hospitals in
New Delhi and Jaslok Healing centers in Mumbai are to give some examples which
are set up names even abroad. A rundown of corporate clinics, for example,
Global Hospitals, CARE and Dr L.V. Prasad Eye Hospitals in Hyderabad, The
Hindujas and NM Excellence in Mumbai, moreover have constructed abilities and
are dealing with a relentlessly expanding stream of outside patients. India has
significantly more ability than Thailand or Malaysia. The foundation in some of
India’s clinic is likewise great. Likewise noteworthy is that the expenses are
significantly less, right around 33% of those in other Asian nations.

Health Tourism in India

India is one of the least expensive medicinal services tourism center
points on the planet particularly for advanced life saving surgeries. The cost
factor, the medical costs incurred in India is one tenth of the costs incurred
in western countries. India is capitalizing on its low costs and highly trained
doctors to appeal to these medical tourists. 

India offers the best treatments in
conventional medicine: Ayurveda, Homoeopathy, Naturopathy and Yoga and modern
medicine such as cardiology, orthopedic surgery, eye care, gynecology, cosmetic
surgery and dental surgery.

 Health tourists are people from the
industrialized and developed nations such as USA, Europe, Australia and The
Middle East. These nations have either provide free medical treatment for their
citizens or the citizens are covered under medical insurance. In case of free
medical treatment in Great Britain, Canada and many Middle East countries,
waiting period for the desired treatment is so long that many patients do not
survive the date their turn comes. In other places, like USA, where people are
covered under medical insurance, the cost of treatment is so high that the
Insurance Companies charge a high premium from the beneficiary.

Foreign patients can get bundle bargains
including flights, exchanges, inns, treatment and postoperative get-away for
their medicinal visits to India.

 Many foreign patients like to join their
recreation and unwinding visits to India  with medicinal services.

 The Government of India is empowering medicinal
tourism in the nation by offering tax cuts and fare impetuses to taking an
interest healing centers. Also, the Government has cleared medicinal visas
immediately and bother free.

 India’s private clinics have increased
worldwide acknowledgment for their condition of- the-craftsmanship offices and
demonstrative focuses other than unbeatable aptitudes. Their innovation and
techniques are keeping pace with healing centers in created countries.

 India has some awesome doctor’s facilities,
specialists, attendants and other restorative administrations that have made
India one of the main nations in the field of restorative tourism.


Health Tourism in Kerala

                               Health tourism
has been one of the most grounded development areas in the course of recent
years for Kerala, which has pulled in consideration as the home of Ayurvedic
medication – an antiquated Indian study of normal restorative herbs utilized
for corrective and unwinding purposes. Kerala is amazingly rich as far as
culture and legacy the conventional established and people expressions in the
state goes back finished a thousand years. Kerala is typically advertised as a
wellbeing goal for its Allopathic, Ayurveda, Dental bundles. Health tourism is
promoted alongside allopathy, ayurveda, dental and other wellbeing packages. Health
tourism resembles any relaxation item where separated from movement bundle, one
gets medicinal treatment at the best doctor’s facilities. The restorative
treatment for different infirmities is bundled with relaxation bundles at rich
vacationer resorts. Kerala is renowned for its elective medicinal treatments,
for example, Ayurveda, which help to revive and renew the body. What numerous
vacationers have now found is that Kerala has a pool of prepared specialists
and attendants and a superb system of healing facilities that offer worldwide
standard medicines at exceptionally reasonable costs. Kerala, the “God’s
own particular nation” is decorative with emerald backwaters, peaceful shorelines
and lavish green coconut forests. Every year 1000’s of explorers from around the
world visit here to investigate the serene excellence of Kerala. As of late
Kerala, has accomplished a pride of place in the field of prescription. For a
long time Kerala has been offering ayurvedic medicines and now daily’s Health tourism
is included as another feature of Kerala’s tourism industry. Kerala state
tourism division, in joint effort with the different visit administrators,
travel operators, hoteliers and with the individuals who are in the restorative
field is endeavoring to create Kerala as a world class goal for Health tourism.
Directly, Kerala tourism is promoting a few Ayurveda and wellbeing bundles and
has gigantic potential to blast in the therapeutic tourism field. Kerala is
acclaimed over the globe for its elective therapeutic treatments, for example,
Ayurveda. In all the 14 districts of Kerala one can discover quality ayurveda
focuses. Ayurveda is an antiquated type of treatment which empowers the patient
to restore and renew the psyche, body and soul and it has copious of all around
prepared individuals who bargains in this unique type of treatment. Other than
Ayurveda, Kerala has encountered allopathic therapeutic experts and very much
prepared healing facilities that offer medications of western guidelines at a
reasonable cost. Late years has seen that patients of western nations has
started choosing Kerala as a goal for treatment of different illnesses because
of high quality services and low cost for treatment.


Health Tourism Products in Kerala


Kerala has set up itself as an unmistakable Destination of world recreation
tourism for its normal excellence and social resources. The development of
Tourism in Kerala has been instigated by the purchaser driven variables. The
aggregate advertising exertion through the tourism division has been restricted.
The situation of Health Tourism is likewise very little not the same as
relaxation tourism. Health tourism in Kerala developed without much unshakable
aggregate exertion. It was perceived as an open door by a few areas, especially
the Ayurveda segment who required some aggregate push to change over Kerala as
hotspot for Ayurveda treatment. A blend of many elements has prompted the expansion
in prevalence of health tourism in Kerala.


• Traditional frameworks of solution: like Ayurveda
and Siddha are generally well known in the state, and draws expanding
quantities of visitors.

• High expenses of medicinal services in
industrialized countries.

• Ease and reasonableness of universal travel.

• Improving innovation and guidelines of care.


The important specialities of Health Tourism  in Kerala are :

? Cardiac Care

? Orthopedic


? General Surgery

? Cosmetic Treatment

? Urology

? Ophthalmology

? Fertility Treatment

? Yoga and contemplation

? Ayurveda

? Naturopathy


The Advantages of Kerala in health Tourism

The following are the advantages of Kerala health

1.     Nobody
can beat Kerala cost-wise.

2.     Doctors
and nurses are accepted all over the world.

3.     Professionals
are known as compassionate people.

4.     Kerala Hospitals give numerous consultancies under
one rooftop.

5.     The hospitals in Kerala offer eco friendly

6.     NRIs everywhere throughout the world capacity as
represetatives for Kerala.

7.     Some US NRIs work as Entrepreneurs encouraging
Health Tourism to Kerala.

8.     Travel Agents work in health tourism orchestrating
back and forth travel, medicines and touring.