Introduction that time her mom died of tuberculosis.Which

Introduction The name of my main character is Johanna Mansfield Sullivan Macy. The title of my book is The Miracle Worker.Anne Sullivan was born on April 14,1866.She was born in Feeding Hills,Agawam,Massachusetts,Ma.She was important because she taught a blind and deaf child,Helen Keller.Anne Sullivan is actually half blind.But she bonds with Helen. Body ParagraphsChildhood Anne Sullivan became blind at the age of 7.Due to untreated trachoma at that time her mom died of tuberculosis.Which left her with her abusive father who also left her after a while.She was  embarrassed about her life because she was poor.She learned fingerspelling from Laura Bridgman.FamilyIn 1876 Anne Sullivan and her brother were sent to a state almshouse in Tewksbury,Massachusetts.Shortly After they moved her brother,Jimmie died.She spent 4 more years there.She later went to Perkins for the Blind in Boston.She learned to read and right there.She was born into her Irish immigrants parents,Thomas and Alice Sullivan but Anne Sullivan had a second father,John L. McCrea.Her first father,Thomas Sullivan,suffered from alcoholism and he was abusive still.Her mom,Alice Sullivan,had tuberculosis.School Life At the age of 14 she could not read nor write her name.She attended Perkins School for the Blind in Boston.She has never attended a school before in her life.Most of the other girls were sheltered daughters of wealthy merchants.Many of them ridiculed her because of her ignorance and rough manners.But they didn’t know that her mom died when she was 8 and that her father was abusive and left her and her brother and that they never taught her any of those things.Also some of her teachers were unsympathetic and impatient.Family She had no family,she was on her own because her mom died.Her abusive father left her and her brother.And her brother died.But eventually she had close friendships with some of her teachers.But some of them were still impatient with her.Even though she was half blind she didn’t catch on fast.Adult Life In 1901 Anne Sullivan met John Albert Macy.They fell in love and of course he proposed to her.But the sad things is that she said no because she thought it would affect her relationship with Helen Keller.Anne Sullivan and John Macy got married 4 years later at the age of 39.But Macy was much younger than Anne Sullivan.In 1911 Sullivan fell ill and had to undergo surgery.Their marriage started getting affected due to Sullivan’s devotion towards Keller.He didn’t know how much Keller ment to Anne and how much they had been through together.And they also had money problems,they were using the Keller’s income.In 1924 Anne Sullivan got her right eye removed.She had to spend the next three years in Scotland and that is when Anne went completely blind.Rumors say  that she died by Keller’s side on October 20,1936 when Anne Sullivan was 70 years old and Helen Keller at the age of 56.The only family she had was her husband and Helen Keller.Challenges She faced many challenges at Perkins School for the Blind.She had never been to real school before in her life.And she lacked social graces.Which put her at odds with her classmates.she also had trouble with Helen Keller.She would slap Anne Sullivan because she didn’t know that Anne Sullivan was just trying to teach her. She had some challenges with Helen Keller’s family. Because her concerns about the family was going to interfere in Anne Sullivan’s attempts to create structure causing them to move into a separate house.Another challenge was Helen Keller’s behavior problems which soon got solved.Relationship with other characters She had a great relationship with Helen Keller which was amazing because if she didn’t that would have bad because Anne Sullivan was Helen Keller’s teacher.She had a rocky relationship with Helen Keller’s family at first.But over time they all grew closer.Reasons why she is important The 1st reason is that Anne Sullivan is brave.Because she had nine eye operations.She is half blind and she took care of her sickly, little brother,Jimmie.The 2nd reason is that Anne Sullivan is an amazing person.Because she taught Helen Keller,she is blind and deaf,eighteen nouns and three verbs and thousands of words.And when Helen spilled water on Anne Sullivan and she made her go outside and fill back up she spelt water with her hands.The 3rd reason is that Anne Sullivan was a smart person.Because she went to school at the age of 14 and was out of school at the of 20.And then she went straight to a job,to teach Helen Keller.The 4th reason was that Anne Sullivan was successful.Because she taught Helen Keller how to do spelling with her hands.And Because Helen Keller was blind and deaf.My opinion I really liked the book.It spoke to me and told me that almost all things are possible like how a blind and deaf child,Helen Keller,learned the american sign language alphabet.And not to judge people by their cover,but to get to know them better.I think that this book does give an accurate account of my subject.I believe my mom would enjoy reading this book.Because she an independent woman.Also because it shows strength and my mom is very strong physically and emotionally.