Introduction resources of Pakistan are being used in


No doubt water is one of the
blessings from the God. It is considered as one of the most essential part of
the Earth. It is of greatest significance for living things. No one can survive
without it. But unfortunately the situation of water resources in Pakistan is
quite frightening.

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Water resources

In 2002, World Bank issued a
report that in 1950 Pakistan’s fresh water resources were 5000 m3
but no they decreased dreadfully to 1500 m3. On the contrary the
population of Pakistan is ever increasing so how Pakistan will make sure the
adequate supply of water for agriculture, industry and human consumption.

Global warming

As we all know the water in Indus
river is replenished by water which comes from melting of glaciers but due to
the global warming the glaciers are melting at a higher rate and Pakistan don’t
have enough number of dams and those which are available don’t have sufficient
storage capacity ad as a result there is a huge risk of Flood in the nearby
areas. The people affected from these areas move to urban cities which in turn
causes depletion of water resources of those cities.

Agriculture Sector

On the other hand the economy
of Pakistan is solely based on agriculture. According to World Bank and
Economic survey almost 45% of the working class is related to agriculture
sectors and 85% water resources of Pakistan are being used in agriculture
sector. Despite the fact the Pakistan has the world’s largest irrigation system
but its per crop yield is one of the lowest due to poor farming practices and
huge water wastage which is one of the major cause of depletion of water
resources in Pakistan.

Water Disputes

Pakistan is also facing some
international disputes on water with India and Afghanistan. India is making
dams to store water for themselves which is against Indus water treaty. The
situation is Pakistan is even worse because the dispute is not only among
nations but between the provinces also who blame each other of wasting of water
which is one of the major hurdle in building of dams for water storage.

Steps to ensure water security

High water usage fee
should be imposed on big farmers so they don’t waste water and the generated
revenues will be used for repairing and maintenance of the irrigation system
and in turn farmers it is going to benefit farmers and per crop yield will

Using grid irrigation
to improve water efficiency. In this way water goes directly in the roots
rather than to sock whole field with water which will save huge amount of water
for other purposes.

Making dams and lakes
to store rain water and it will also prevent the risk of floods.

Government with the
help of media start a campaign to aware the people and make them realize the
importance of water.

Efficient water management and
development of reservoirs are the basic need of the time. The implementation of
new dams will enable Pakistan to meet the challenges and can achieve the
efficient and sustainable management of limited water resources.