Introduction Bernard Marx, John, and Helmholtz Watson all

Introduction Author and screenwriter Aldous Huxley is best known for his 1932 novel ‘Brave new world’ a grim dystopian version of the future on earth. Huxley was born in Godalming, England, on July 26, 1894. As a boy Huxley’s childhood was filled with tragedies. For example, in 1908 his mother died of cancer, and in 3 years after that he contracted a disease which ended up making him partially blind. Due to this Huxley abandoned his prep school along with his dreams of becoming a scientist and rather decided to focus on a writing career. Despite all the obstacles of his youth, Huxley earned a scholarship at oxford university, where he studied English literature. Although not his first book, he began to work on ‘Brave new world’ in 1931 and published it in 1932. Brief SummaryBrave new world presentes a future set in the year 2540 in which genetically engineered babies are produced on assembly lines, and put into conditioning programs. Later at a young age they are then put into predetermined classes based on intelligence and labour. Within their society of the World state, they are taught that material comfort and physical pleasure – provided by the happy drug soma and casual sex: is the only thing important and needed by people. That and their faith in their God Henry Ford, who is the creator of Ford and the assembly line which stated before, is the way they can rapidly create babies. The characters Bernard Marx, John, and Helmholtz Watson all feel as if they are disconnected with the world’s view since their beliefs about relationships, emotion, and the community in general doesn’t line up with everyone else’s. PassageBrave new world defines freedom through the very things that prevent freedom. To explain, Soma; the type of drug; represents freedom as it puts people in a hypnotic state in which they no longer feel as though they should defy the structures of society. John claims that his ideal freedom is the freedom to be an individual apart from the rest of society. He states that “But I don’t want comfort. I want God. I want poetry. I want real danger, I want freedom, I want goodness. I want sin.”(17.211)John expresses his feelings of the society and how he is confined from the will to feel emotion and faith. This conflict makes John Question his society, later making him move out of the World state to become a hermit and live in isolation so he can be free to do and believe what he wants. The passage also includes foreshadowing. As stated in the quote John wants God, danger, freedom, and sin. What him and the reader doesn’t realise is that he later receives what he asks for. At the end of the book John hangs himself ultimately rewarding him with what he wants. Freedom, sin, danger, and God are all given to him. That can be one interpretation many religious people have. In the eyes of religious people suicide is a sin and a obvious dangerous act. That being said once you do die many think you gain freedom in the afterlife and you meet God.Trailer The trailer depicts the horrors of what the world looks like in the year 2540. I used many scenes from the book that helps me portray the dark side of Aldous Huxley’s novel such as the genetically engineered babies, the conditioning stations, drugs, physical pleasure, and a specific scene which occured at the end of the novel, which is John’s hanging. The audio I used also benefits what I was going for due to its eerie and suspenseful vibe it gives off. The reason why I chose to create a horror type trailer for ‘Brave new world’ is to better help me present the true themes of the book, which is the power of knowledge and technology can be the greatest downfall to society. Critical review Brave new world can be connected to Mary shelley’s Frankenstein because they both touch on the theme of power of knowledge. Huxley’s civilized world is a society of ultimate knowledge. Humans have conquered all areas of science; they control life, death, aging, pleasure, and pain. This might seem good, however, this knowledge leads to the abuse of power. Society’s absence of the truth makes the people follow rules and laws which are unquestioned. It’s their false happiness which constraints them to not feel all emotions. Within Frankenstein, Victor acquires the same knowledge of life and death. His understanding to manipulate death becomes his greatest demise. After creating the monster Victor realises that the creation of the monster drives him and everyone he loves to their death. I think this book is really interesting as it explores the dangers of technology and what it can do to a world. Huxley is trying to convey the idea that technology does not have the power to save us. Within the book it states “Technological progress has merely provided us with more efficient means for going backwards.” This theme is what makes the novel so controversial, yet something we can all relate to especially in today’s world. Technology is close enough to ruling our lives as it has become a natural necessity to us. The most interesting aspect about the book is the date it was written. Huxley wrote brave new world in 1932 which is almost 90 years ago. Yet the book reads as if it could have been written yesterday. The novel predicts many future events which takes place today. The most important of these predictions are greater sexual freedoms, overpopulation, mind-altering drugs, genetic engineering, and cloning. His accuracy of predictions really peaked my interest of the book. Brave new world is overall a complex yet very interesting book. It’s a scary depiction of what could soon be our future and I enjoyed reading this well written and thought provoking novel. For these reasons I would recommend the book.