Introduction of five people, and someone from


            How can you
explain or confirm student’s understanding of the annotated lesson if there is
no discipline in the classroom? Imagine yourself talking to a group of five
people, and someone from the group talking at the same time. Do you think that
anyone of you will understand? Or, for example, you are talking to someone who
is not attentive and busy with the phone. Do you think that this person knew
what you were saying? So what if there was a whole class of students, some are
talking at the same time, others straying, and some are playing and wasting
time, how do you imagine this class would be, and do you think that the
students are benefiting from the explanation given? Of course not, therefore,
each class must be based on rules that ensure discipline, and each teacher must
be able to apply and enforce this discipline in the manner and philosophy that she created or adopted. This is
known as the classroom management, that is to help get a classroom dominated by
a suitable atmosphere conducive to learning. “Classroom management is the process by which teachers and
schools create and maintain appropriate behaviour of students in classroom
settings. The purpose of implementing classroom management strategies is to
enhance social behaviour and increase student academic engagement (Blair, 2017).” When
appropriate conditions are created for the students, this will help them
concentrate and integrate during the lesson. Classroom management is one of the
student’s rights that teachers must seek to secure. Each school has its own
system as each teacher has her own philosophy that she builds after being
introduced to the different philosophers of education. However, the teacher
might fail at times in applying discipline in her class due to different
factors. Furthermore, her educational philosophy might show effectiveness in a
class but fail in another, or even be applicable to a particular school system
but prohibited in another. After registering in this course, I can say that I’m
able now to identify behavioural problems in class and note any problem that
the teacher might encounter. Good classroom management is a complete integrated
mix starting from the moment we enter the school down to the class and finally
the teacher. After allowing me to attend a class for a week with the teacher of
the English language, I realized some mistakes committed, but in return I
learned a lot from this teacher that was in control of her class despite the
educational difficulties of some students. I will talk about some of the
problems I have discovered, how can I correct them, and what have I learned
from this experience.

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