Introduction Azerbaijan are much higher, which is

“Why is so that actual to develop and stimulate small entrepreneurship?” The
answer is so easy and simple. The importance of small and medium
entrepreneurship is indispensable for each country. They produce goods or
things(tools) that not big and developed companies can produce the same
things and various service, they are small retail trader and remove
unemployment partially, where unemployment is limited, they provide products
to consumer and etc. In short, those who play an essential role in raising
the standard of living. In transit and developing countries, including
Azerbaijan, small entrepreneurship is an important economic factor that
determines the development of the national economy, the employment of the
population and the economy as a whole. Not only in the public sector, but
also in the private sector, in the banking sector is also interested in
promoting the development of small businesses. Because activity is related to
the private sector and the banking sector. And this dependence is growing.
What can stimulate small entrepreneurship in Azerbaijan current volatile
situation? In 2008 as soon as reforms were made with IFC (International
Finance Corporation) for the development and promotion of this field and
after creating “Single Window” system which greatly facilitated the
entrepreneur’s registration process was allowed to create the bank account
online via the registration department. This eliminated the need to receive a
notice from the tax office, send it to the bank and then resend it to the tax
office. Currently, only the limited number of banks are available to create a
bank account online. The number of existing banks in Azerbaijan are much
higher, which is why most entrepreneurs are forced to take copies from the
tax authorities, send them to the bank and return to the tax base again. In
this context the development of internet banking in Azerbaijan and the
increase in the number of online services in banks may stimulate this field.
Now let’s focus on the development of online banking and analyze the problem
in more detail. What will change if internet banking develops and its
development reaches a satisfactory level? Of course entrepreneurs will spend
less time and energy in registering and will be able to register fully
online.(it will also prevent illegal payments during registration and in such
cases increasing transparency). But how many entrepreneurs can use and take
advantage of this system? Of course this process will used by the
entrepreneurs those who are familiar with the online service. I think that
the people have given informed those who registration with traditionally.
Expected result ? Reduction of entrepreneur registration times ? Reduction of
the need for manual data entry ? Given that many banks have not yet used this
system the development of internet banking can provide more customer
satisfaction to every market where the market can compete with the market.
Although small business have close relationships with their existing
customers, finding new customers and reaching new markets is a major
challenge for small entrepreneurs. Small businesses typically find themselves
strapped for time to do marketing, as they have to run the day-to-day aspects
of the business. To create a continual stream of new business and find new
clients and customers, they must work on marketing their business each week.
Most small and medium entrepreneurs have no clear idea of modern marketing in
Azerbaijan. Even people who understand the essence of marketing in modern
trade can not use it. The reason for this is the lack of production scarcity
and funding, which doesn’t allowed small and medium producers to continue
their marketing services or to resort to money-counseling services in private
enterprises. Marketing Centers can be set up for small businesses to offer
priority services for problem resolution. Many small entrepreneurs find
internet marketing more affordable. Internet marketing is getting small
products or services in front of motivated web searchers. Social media has
also become an affordable route of marketing for small entrepreneurship. It
is a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing and small entrepreneurs
are able to do it themselves or find small social marketing agencies that
they can hire out for a small fee. Statistically, social media marketing has
a higher lead-to-close rate than traditional media. In fact encourage small
entrepreneurs to use internet marketing can be affordable and extra
motivation for them. In the above guidelines can also be found in both the
government and the private sector. However, it is also clear that the public
sector can do much for the development of this field from the private sector
and the banking sector. I started this article with a writing on what the
private sector could do. Because more research has been done on what the
public sector can do, not just the private sector. Of course, the public
sector can do more work and reform in this field. And as you told before more
resarch has been done in this field. However I would like to write some
concrete options to develop this field. So government can do more reform on
licensing of entrepreneurship activities, access to taxation, audits, finance
and external trade. Despite ongoing reforms in foreign trade, export and
import procedures to promote participation in external trade there is a need
for further improvement. As the survey results show, complicated and
long-standing import-export procedures create problems for entrepreneurs. For
this reason, there are many entrepreneurs to carry out any import-export
operation collecting documents and linking with various civilian records.
They have to overcome complex processing Imported there is no free customs
duties for the temporary storage of goods Most entrepreneurs are concerned
about the import of raw materials and semi-finished products. The reason for
this was the use of imported raw materials and semi-finished products the
final product is the complete product of the same type of imported product
likely to cost more than the price reduce employers’ incentives to engage in
foreign trade. One of the serious problems during import operations is the
high transport costs. Railways are usually used to transport goods
imported/exported in Azerbaijan. During transportation of entrepreneurs by
railway the costs they incur are the most serious affecting the overall
transportation costs of their goods factors. So Import-export procedures need
to be further improved to encourage small and medium-sized entrepreneurs to
participate in foreign trade. And government should reforms in this field.
Besides government can such reform in other fields. (licensing of
entrepreneurship activities, access to taxation, audits, finance) I hope
small entrepreneurship will develop in the future and development of this
field will solve the some problems in Azerbaijan.