Introduction In vacuum bag moulding we make


The composites are used for the various purposes to
improve the mechanical properties and increase the usability in various fields.
Sandwich composites are fabricated using the two thin layers as the skins and
the core at the center which is thicker. The skins can be made of the carbon
fiber or the glass fiber and the core can be made of almost any material of
structure. But there are mainly four kinds of core which are foam or solid, honeycomb,
web and corrugated or truss. Presently we are
manufacturing the sandwich composites using glass fiber and rockwool as the core
material. These glass fibers are taken in the form of GFRP which is a
reinforced polymer and used as the skins on top and bottom of the rockwool.
This rockwool serves as the core material. This sandwich composite can be
reinforced using  different moulding
processes like hot compression, hot rolling, 
hot vacuum bag molding, vacuum bag moulding. Here in our project we have
chosen the Vacuum bag moulding for the reinforcement of the different layers of
the composites. 

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In vacuum bag moulding we make the sandwich
composite using the rockwool as the foam and gfrp as the skins at a specific
temparatue. This process is done in a vacuum chamber. These glass fibers are
chosen due to the good properties and low cost. They are also resistant to the
corrosive environment and high temparatures.

Literature review :


The sandwich composites usage has been increased
drastically due to the advancement in the technology and due to the need of
materials with better properties and wide range of applications. These sandwich
composites were studied by the numerous scientists and technologists to employ
them in their fields. These are mainly used in the construction of the
aircrafts, ships, trains car doors etc., The main theme of the sandwich
composites is that the outer layers or the face sheets are designed to
withstand the bending load and the core is made to withstand the shear load.