Introduction: where treated as part of the society,

 Introduction: in this assignment I am going
to writing about how individuals with disability overcome the challenges of
daily living, the social constructs of disability which are medical and social
models of disability. Lastly, I will be writing about the support and
adaptations provided for two individuals with disability. Social construct: a thought that is made by the
community that might not happen in real life, however, it is shown to be true
and clear to the people who believe it. 

individual with disability where treated as part of the society, they were always
known to be depended on people to meet their daily and social needs. However,
nowadays this is now recognised as social construct. The social model of
disability, which was invented by individual with disability, with the
objective that society should not label individuals as disabled as there need
to be a way for people with a specific disability to be equal to the
individuals that don’t have a specific disability and be able to live their
life independently, as this way they don’t have to depend on their family,
friends or carers to support them in any daily duty. An act that will be able
to help them be treated equally is the equality act which is an official outline
that will be able to protect the rights for individuals and progress equality
of chance for all.The
individual I will be talking about is fifty two year old Ben Grace who has
Down’s syndrome, type 2 diabetes and learning age of 8. The social worker Ben’s
has been appointed with can help him in a variety of different way. The ways
Ben’s social worker can help him are: ·        
Safeguard: because Ben has been in a
couple of incident with the local youths and a manger at his local funfair, as they
were not treating him equally. The way the social worker could support him is by
taking on the role as the investigating officer. Secondly, the social worker
could also undertake other social worker roles duty, for example, developing a
strategy to protect Ben, becoming his counsellor so that he will be able to
trust him/her, however, in order for the social worker to do they will have to
make sure that they follow the disclosure of abuse. When the social worker is
not taking on the role as the investigating officer, if they have noticed that
Ben has been involved in a severe abuse case, they will need to make sure that
they make a referral so that they offer a helpful therapeutic role to him.  ·        
Significant life changes: this can include a change in
Ben’s health, Ben’s loss of freedom, and his mom death and now that he has moved
to a residential care home it will be difficult for him to settle in.   ·        
Healthy eating: having a healthy diet is
important for individuals like Ben who have diabetes. Even though, they have
diabetes they don’t have to stop eating food groups that will improve their
health. However, the social worker will be able to help Ben by cooking foods
that have the right amount of sugar, salt and fat, but an increase in fibre.  For Ben’s diet they don’t have to stop him from eating sugar or fat, they just
need to reduce the amount of it in his food.

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