Introduction money, attitudes, previous experience, and age. Our


is one of the World’s largest industry, with hundreds of people every day
planning their holidays. The power of globalization and new
technologies providing benefits to consumers to choose a destination. It
has been shown that people consume travel a lot nowadays than ever before. There
are many factors that influence travel behaviour and buying process. Factors as
value of money, attitudes, previous experience, and age.

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Our paper is focused on the key-aspects of the
tourist’ consumption behaviour; their motives, choices and decisions, the
determinant factors, as well as their segmentations and new trends. The
objectives of this study were to capture the underlying reasons for tourists’
decisions to visit a destination. The study represents an exploratory attempt
to examine, how the differ native habits and differ cultures affect the holiday
decision making to choose a destination. In this study the majority of
responses were from Greece, Russian and Germany, in the age group 22 – 45
years. There were about 10 percent more male respondents compared to female.

The main source of information about the destination
were online web sites followed by Travel agents and friends and relatives.

The majority booked their holiday through travel
agencies. With one of the group to interested in online booking.

While some respondents stated leisure as the purpose
of visit, and others cultural and historical.

However, there were common aspects for the season they
travel and with whom they preferred to travel.

To summarize, it is showed the destinations that is
preferable from the groups of this campus.
















The decision
process of tourism consumer purchasing is complex and involves internal and
external factors that influence it (Horner & Swarbrooke, 2007). While, a
financial turbulence contributing globally, it appears that value for price is the
first rank factor for Greek and Russian student’s respondents in this campus. However,
it is not undoubtedly important for Germans group of students, which aim for
cultural and historical heritage. Due to tourism season patterns; summer holidays as pointed out is high
period of the year to travel
abroad for all equally, with August to be the favour for the two first groups. The
general pattern of holidays type is also quite similar. In instance, the first
and second group, to travel for rest and relaxation. The city break holiday
type and relaxation to maintain as favourite for the third group. Although,
according to the youngest student in this campus, which encourage music
tourism, and select a trip to see a music event. whilst some students of this
campus in the age range of 30-40 choose to combinate business tourism with
leisure tourism. Nevertheless, a high percentage of men in second group choose
to take a countryside break, to explore the nature. Generally, it is most common, to go on holidays with
their partner. Furthermore, the second and third group of students in this
campus prefer to travel alone. Solo traveler become the new trend, with more
and more tourist choose to travel alone; to explore new destinations, visit
friends and family or for wellness holidays. As well as, travel with family it is also a powerful feature.


Nowadays, people
use to book their holidays in a range of ways. According to Bennet (1993, 259 – 266) traditional
agencies should strengthen their role as travel advisors, otherwise it is very
well possible that they will cease to exist in the near future. As stated by
Engvall, Fritz, & Kindh (2012, 23) one of the main advantages of online
travel agencies is the direct access for availability and comfortability. A high percentage of Greeks said that the main source
of information were internet and social media. Hence, to book holidays on line
and organize their own trips. In both, Russian and German groups, attributes
Travel agencies and magazines as the major source of information. As a
consequence of that to prefer travel agency package for traveling abroad. The
prime reason for choosing a package holiday it is because usually includes
everything you need. For example, visa restriction for Russians students. Additionally, family and friends
previous experience and information were remarkable source for the group of Greek and Russian
students, between age 22-25. It is pertinent to note that the second and third
group planning their holiday at least five to six months in advance in contrast
with the first which make last minute booking.








A plethora of
tourist destinations exist around the world each offering a variety of products
and services to attract visitors. This gives potential tourist the opportunity
to choose a destination that simulates their interest and motivates them to
travel. It can be seen from the above analysis that, chiefly Greek students in
campus, selected United Kingdom as their first destination. A huge list of
museums and many other attractions is the main factors. Conversely,
Russian group, first option
was Turkey. Turkey is a popular because of the cheap tours; making a holiday in
exotic place with low prices. On the contrary, local gastronomy, historical and
cultural sides played a lead
role for the German group
of students, to choose Greece. Likewise, second selected destination for
Russians students were Greece, with sun, sandy beaches, and nightlife the most significant. On the other hand, Russian female students
are keen on shopping, by choosing Italy. In any case, there are many dynamics that affect the destination choice. As an
example, Russian group of students tend to visit same places. To come
generally, being a creature of habit; visiting the same holiday spot, at the
same hotel more than once make them feel like their home.