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The global tourism industry has reached an unprecedented level of demand. It is shown by statistics of the United Nations World Tourism Organization that in 2012, more than one billion people chose to travel abroad instead of walking inside the country and this situation never happened before (Hammond, 2018). Having an approximate 5% average annual growth rate, tourism has become one of fastest growing industries and the number of international travelers is going to be doubled in 2020 compared with that in 2006 (Anon, 2018). However, together with the rapid growth, various of problems appeared at the same time. Among all these problems, how to keep the development sustainable apparently is an essential one.Economic sustainability

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In order to keep tourism industry sustainable, economics have to be controlled. While earning profit from foreign n tourists, people also spend a massive amount of money on traveling in other countries at the same time. Tourism resources are normally fixed. Therefore, the key point is that try to keep the resources domestic as many as possible. In this way, increasing money could flow in and contribute to the further development in tourism industry (Williams, 2018). Tourism is a global force for economic and regional development. Tourism development has brought both benefits and costs and the field of tourism economics contributes significantly tourism policy, planning and business practices (WTTC, 2018).Social sustainabilityIn recent years, there has been a meaningful change on social aspect in tourism industry. For example, corporate social responsibility, also known as CSR, was developed and introduced to public society. This can be seen as a milestone. Meanwhile, green buildings have been placed into many modern projects (, 2018). In order to lead and drive considerations and critical thinking about significant industry problems global challenges of sustainability, Cornell provided several educational programs as well (Stottler, 2018).  Environmental damage The environment sector contains two distinct aspects. On one hand, resources such as beaches, forests and waterways are attractive natural environment. On the other hand, built environment includes historical building and constructions. Both of them are apparently vital to tourism industry and should be protecting to keep the entire environment system sustainable (Williams, 2018). Historically, the hospitality industry has had a dramatic impact on the environment through the use of energy and water, the use of consumables and durable goods, and the generation of solid and hazardous waste. The hotel consumes energy for HVAC operations, lighting, fuel and other power needs (Stottler, 2018).Conclusion

Hotel entrepreneurs increasingly began to focus on the sustainability of this industry. It is an broad concept. This includes various aspects such as environment, economics and human society. It is actually that how we can live in a way that is more at one with the earth and the local community. Obviously, this has become more and more pivotal. In this modern age, different resources are being consumed and used intensively. In spite of this, people have to manage and organize efficiently and keep considering the future map in minds. In this way, the tourism industry could further develop and reach a higher level.