Introduction Essay

The chances of breaking and changing new tiles are slimmer which brings more convenience and higher durability. Also, for tiles that absorb less water would imply that the chances of tile replacement due to corrosion would be greatly reduced. Another important factor will be less stain absorption; less stain absorbed would mean that there would be fewer scratches reflected on the surface. This would beautify the exterior of the tiles, which makes it more appealing to the eye. Moreover, it is suitable for indoor and outdoor application Bcc. Ova[8]. What is missing from the previous research? For the past water retention research experiment, a ceramic tile is submerged onto the water, then it would be weighted and compared to a dry tile. The weight difference would be expressed as a percentage of the weight of water absorbed to the weight of original dry tile. [Water retention] As for impact tests, tiles are subjected to metal ball load released from a different height. S. S Impartiality [2] Dry sand and rubber wheel apparatus was used to test for abrasion.

The sand was of constant grit size will put on the tile and the wheel turns in the direction of the sand. The mass loss from tile after this process was recorded. [201 3 Element Materials Technology] For friction test, a rolling intact and sliding contact object is used to determine how much the friction off material. J. M. Cox, M. C. Gee[l] By improvisation on our research experiment, a tile was submerged into the water for a longer period of time. This improves the consistency for the results. A sharp pointed object was introduced to test for the respond of tiles to impact.

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This allows us to focus on the first point of fracture due to impact and look deeper into how the tiles respond to a constant load dropped from different heights. Abrasion test was conducted by using sandpaper grit 120 and 280. By using two sandpapers of different grit, it would increase the accuracy Of the experimental results. Repeating the experiment by using the sandpaper of different grit helps to support the results of the first sandpaper used, it also accounts for any error conducted from the first sandpaper, which the previous research failed to account for any errors made as the only a constant grit size was used.

A toy car with a fixed gear ratio was used in the friction test, to minimize the errors caused by the inconsistent initial force applied to move the car. These have overcome the lack of consistent force applied to object to start the object in motion, in the previous research experiment conducted. A fixed gear ratio in the toy car ensured that constant velocity is driven in every cycle of the experiment. Reduction of errors would increase the accuracy and consistency of the results. What does this research plan to achieve?

Generally, tiles used in the living room undergo low or intermediate traffic conditions such as impact from dropping of objects, dragging of tables and chair as well as load bearing from furniture. Homogeneous tiles are harder and would be able to withstand larger force. Moreover, Homogeneous tile is less porous which allow less water flow through the material. This means the ate of corrosion would be reduced. Due to the characteristic between the two materials, a homogeneous tile is more suitable for living room used.