Investigating the acceptance of E-Learning and identifying the underlying factors Essay

PROBLEM STATEMENT:E-Learning is a long way from replacing traditional teaching practices already in place. The problem lies in the hesitancy of its acceptance as a primary mode of learning.SCOPE:In this research paper, our main purpose is to identify the underlying factors that influence the acceptance of e-learning. Therefore this research will only consider the factors which are found while conducting secondary research. Primary data will be further collected to bring clarity to the problem and arriving at a conclusion.RESEARCH OBJECTIVES:1.

Identification of the most important contributory factors in the acceptance of e-learning.2. Gauge the attitude of the general populace towards e-learning.3. Offer a solution to correct the present status of e-learning.ABSTRACT:This research aims to investigate the attitudes of the population towards e-learning and the important contributory factors that affect its acceptance. E-learning still is a long way from having any lasting impacts on the educational structure of Pakistan.

The adoption of e learning may have taken place but these incidents are considered outliers as its use has not become pervasive yet.METHODOLOGY:Both primary and secondary research will be used in the course of this research. Secondary research will be conducted using previous papers already published on the subject matter. Primary research will be conducted through questionnaires which will be distributed randomly to a sizeable sample. Results will be analyzed using statistical techniques in order to shed light on the above mentioned problem.