Involving High School Students Through Group Work Essay

Involving High School Students Through Group Work1. How can the teacher utilize questioning techniques in guiding the students to use higher order thinking skills to solve problems?One way in which the teachers can utilise questioning techniques in order for students to use higher order thinking is to use the notion of task cohesion within the class. Through setting a task on the basis of the knowledge of the students, higher order thinking can be brought about through focusing upon learned patterns of structured thinking.2. In addition to the cycle chart, what other visual or manipulatives that can be incorporated to assist students learning?Other manipulatives that can be used to assist the students learning are cognitive maps and semantic word charts. By using these two manipulatives, the students could create links between the meaning of certain concepts seen in the video.3.

What other ways students can share their results of their activities beside oral presentations.Alongside oral presentation, question and answer sessions could be used to share results. This also helps in communication, cohesive bonding and reinforcing the group‘s learned structures of thinking.

Essentially, by steering the group through a process of discussion in which questions are raised and answers are related the groups structure of learning, the cohesion of the group and the ongoing process of co-ordinating the group in relation to a task is reinforced.4. In cooperative learning what are other `group dynamics` procedures the teacher can implement to assist in the responsibility role of each group member?The notion of identity and the distribution of group roles is an important feature of the functioning of the group. This must be a task based distribution of social roles. Members can then be given time to understand the tasks in relation to the group and the group‘s structure of thinking.

This means that the knowledge will be reinforced by certain group members and in doing so be given a fuller understanding of their role within the task assignment.5. How can the teacher outline the steps of completing each activity?The teacher can outline the steps through briefing the learners of the task.

This can be done through identifying each group member and producing a negotiated number of goals for the group through knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis and synthesis (Bloom, 1956). This can be distributed to the group members so that they can reinforce their role in relation to the task.BibliographyBloom, B, S., (1956) Taxonomy of Educational Objectives: The Classification of Educational Goals New York: Susan Fauer Company