IQ Anger Scale in Hrdm Seminar Essay

Achievement in one’s work depends on many external and internal reasons. These external reasons can be improved by reading a lot of materials to improve our health conditions in both the physical and mental functions. On love and play, we can overcome the boredom and decrease in our adaptability to environment by enhancing our sociability, friendships, hobbies and sports activities. In short, the underlying forces of hardiness we feel and experience due to pressures of work should be balanced between love and play in order to prevent Psychological hardiness (Gladstone, 1978).

In a Seminar on Human Resource Development Management conducted by the business students major in HRDM conducted on November 28, 2012 at Villia Diana Hotel, Cordon Isabela, the topic on “Choosing the Career Path” was assigned to me as their guest lecturer. Since the participants were all majors in Human Resource Management, and very eager to know the rudiments of the career paths in this course, the following content parts of the three hour-period given the speaker was apportioned into three categories: I. Testing using the Novaco Anger Scale of Dr. Raymond W. Novaco of the Program in Social Ecology at the University of California, USA

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II. Lecture/ Discussion on HRDM focus on Choosing the Right Career Path and Achieve Organizational Success III. Reflections of Participants after knowing the Pros and Cons of Successful Introspection on their self, about their relations to others and their environment and the requirements of experiences from jobs to careers, and to the top consultancy and partnership with other professionals of the same levels they meet for organizational success To reach the career path, one should always start with “Entry Level” by being a staff, assistant, associate, and other jobs available within the organization.

One should take charge of his own self assessment in a test and analyze other areas that may lead one to reach possible opportunities. This can be done only by SWOT analysis of the self for career development. What is crucial in this area of self analysis is the acceptance of your own strengths and weaknesses and asking how the weaknesses that was holding you back to succeed especially the personal characteristics can be changed or enhanced. The obstacles that people face during their journey needs survival issues in order to attain satisfaction in the jobs assigned.

These needs further self analyses about your passions, interests, skills and the hows of transferring them to others without expecting others to return back what you did good for them. This needs time to perfect these career paths from five to ten years will other people say that you have prepared, struggled, enjoyed, achieved, and learned more of your own strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, that at the end you can say that you made your roles in five to ten years of doing all these because you worked, loved, and played the rudiments of successful human resource specialist, generalist, and conventionalist.

Results and Discussion There were three groups of student-participants as results of Novaco Anger Scale determined: These are the low scorers that describe the amount of anger and annoyance that is remarkably low, and who tends to take for granted the directions of their supervisors; the less than the average who are more peaceful than the average person; and, those who respond to life’s annoyance with an average amount of anger and apply defense mechanisms to frustrations, unmet expectations, and diminish self respect.

So far, none of the participants received scores in the higher bracket that describe frequent reactions in angry way to life’s many annoyances and the true anger champion with frequent intense furious reactions that do not quickly disappear. Results showed that among the three categories of student results in Novaco Anger Scale Test, 37. 70% were okay in their self management who can balance the core of normal adaptability to the notion of three spheres- work, love and play.

While 27. 87% needs more personality testing to trace the hidden reasons of their low scores. It is crucial too that they have to be psychologically treated in some areas that further personality tests would determine weaknesses to possibly treat immediate causes either from work, family, and other relationships, or even health problems. There were 34. 43% respondents that need further enhancement in their valuing system.

More information can be provided while they join tutorial, mentoring or executive coaching in order to cope and adjust to their jobs before proceeding to their career paths. The amount of anger between male and female respondents was high in group 2 in females and group 3 in males. This indicated that the female respondents who were found to be “cool” and had scores that describe more peaceful than the average persons have the tendencies of outburst due to strong resilience for emotional stress.

Moreover, the males in group 3 have strong emotional tendencies that tend to grow with unpleasant situations. This means that those that were identified in these groups with higher and lower resiliencies should be monitored for their own growth in some jobs that are most expose to emotional stress. Results of reflections among the participants showed that majority of their passion were in communicating, selling, testing, evaluating, teaching and financing.

Though there were participants who disclosed about social networking and media outsourcing, computer skills and other unrelated marketing services as their common interests, very few have said about issues on people related services, policies and programs for human resources that empower productivity and standards, goal attainment, recruitment and empowerment of superior workforce. In the global arena, digital and social media monitoring services strategies are common to the fulfillment of the logistics in HRD Management.

Technical support and customer care are also prominent in many industrial companies where HRD jobs are available in the staff managers’ positions. The coordination and implementation of people-related services, policies, and programs through Human Resources staff need them to assist and advise company managers about Human Resources issues. It is always sad to note that the HR Managers were more of a staff, consultant, and advisor who do a lot of technical, social, and analytical skills to realize its own program for employees and derive organizational change. Implications

Student-respondents who joined and evaluated in the Novaco Anger Scale need empowerment and additional knowledge/ skills on how they produce the right amount of capacities for people related services, policies and programs that empower productivity and standards, goal attainment, recruitment and empowerment of superior workforce that also include digital and social media monitoring services technical support and customer care requirements. These can be integrated in some areas of topics/ lessons in the curriculum or the syllabi for courses offered.


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