Irish Post Primary Schools Education Essay

Whole school ratings are carried out by the Department of Education and Science. Whole school ratings are used to measure, buttocks and supervise the quality, efficiency and effectivity of the instruction system ( Education Act 1998, subdivision 7 part2 ) . Assessment and rating is an of import procedure to better bing patterns and accomplishments. Whole school ratings give cardinal findings and recommendations for the evaluated school every bit good as an in-dept expression at the planning, proviso and instruction and acquisition. I examined the studies of 5 whole school ratings, Our Lady ‘s School in Dublin, Presentation Secondary School in Kilkenny, St. Mary ‘s Secondary School in Wexford, Gorey Community School in Wexford and Loreto High School in Dublin.

Out of the 5 schools I examined, 4 of them were all misss ‘ schools with Gorey being the lone co-educational station primary school that I examined. All the schools I examined were catered for between 600 and 900 pupils with the exclusion of Gorey Community School which had a sum of 1544 pupils. The chief findings between the schools were foremost that the quality of instruction was good. In Loreto, Our lady ‘s and Presentation the instruction was described as really good. St. Marys was described as good with some model patterns observed and one time once more Gorey was the exclusion with the learning described as satisfactory to really good. Second for the 5 schools good planning was identified as being apparent throughout the 5 schools. Each school had a wide well balanced and relevant physical instruction programme.

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This is of import for the development of the pupils which are take parting in the programme. Mary O’Sullivan states that ‘teachers have the duty to supply a coherent and balanced quality physical instruction programme for every kid in our schools ‘ ( O’Sullivan, M. 2007 page 84 ) . Third extra-curricular activities were promoted in each school and there was a good nexus between P.E. and excess curricular athleticss. Of peculiar reference was the “ House System ” which was noted in Our Lady ‘s School. The “ House System ” is an advanced manner Our Lady ‘s used to actuate pupils to prosecute in regular activities and games that support accomplishment of their house squad. A concluding determination which was apparent in each of the schools was the installations and resources with the exclusion of clip. The resources and installations in each of the schools were a really good criterion and really good maintained.

The chief recommendations for each of the schools were about clip commissariats. Time was described as adequate in the schools. Most of the schools offered dual categories for every twelvemonth and category group. The recommendation in Gorey was that direction should guarantee that the timetable agreements adequately support pupil ‘s meaningful battle in the topic. Similarly in Presentation and Loreto it was suggested that Management should optimize timetable agreements for Physical Education in conformity with the recommendations of the Department of Education and Skills. The 2nd recommendation which was clearly apparent in each of the school was the specific acquisition ends for each twelvemonth group and besides appraisal of the acquisition outcomes. It was suggested that the hereafter planning should concentrate on the designation of specific larning results of each twelvemonth group and align with the appraisal procedure.

The cardinal issues that emerged from the five Whole School Evaluations were about the timetable agreements and the acquisition results for the pupils. Both of these cardinal issues come into planning facets for Physical Education. Planing for Physical instruction is one of the most of import facets to see for an effectual P.E. programme. Time has ever been an component which has obstructed the effectivity of a P.E. programme in the development of the kid holistically. NiBhrian Et, Al. ( 2007 ) examined the engagement degrees of Physical Education among a figure of states and found that a Ireland has so a lower sum of compulsory proceedingss of P.E Requirements for primary pupils.

Timetable issues are a changeless concern for Principles and direction of schools in Ireland. Physical Education in Ireland is limited to 2 periods a hebdomad. This is already lower than all the examinable topics in the departure and junior cert course of study. More allotment of clip would immensely better the physical, mental and societal benefits associated with P.E. Even with the current clip allotment for Physical Education, clip is non being used efficaciously. If schools persist to supply 2 individual categories alternatively of dual categories, so cherished clip will go on to be wasted due to the allotment of altering and shower clip. This will earnestly impact of the holistic development of the kid, as P.E. is one of the few countries where holistic development is present.

Increasing clip for P.E. and betterment of timetabling for P.E. can be a immense aid to lifelong engagement ( National Taskforce on Obesity 2005 ) and engagement degrees for immature females in peculiar ( adult females in athletics study 2004 ) . Increasing clip allotment for Physical instruction in schools and bettering the timetable should assist increase the benefits associated with Physical instruction. One suggested manner of bettering the position of P.E. and therefore the clip allotment on P.E. is to do P.E. an examinable topic in the go forthing certification. Bettering the position of Physical Education is of import and could be a critical manner to increase the clip and resources. There are a batch of inquiry Markss about implementing P.E. as an examinable topic such as how it will be assessed and there is the attitude that unfit people will hold a disadvantage.

The proposed model by the NCCA is that P.E. as an examinable topic would be half based on public presentation and half for a written test. Making P.E. an examinable topic will make better equality in the go forthing cert course of study. Presently we have exams for Music, Art and Construction, these tests cater for the demands of people who have an involvement in the countries. There is no topic at the minute for people who have an involvement in athletics. Katherine Donnelly ( 2011 ) examined the proposals by the NCCA, she explains that the authorities are in favor of implementing the programme, nevertheless when the this will be implemented is the cardinal issue. I think that doing P.E. an examinable is a solution to the increasing the position of Physical Education, which will make a better consciousness of the importance of Physical Education.

Physical Education is non merely about cut downing fleshiness degrees and bettering wellness. The benefits of Physical Education extend far beyond the physical benefits we associate with regular exercising. Increasing the position and consciousness will intend Physical Education will hold more regard. This will travel a long manner to assist with increasing the clip for Physical instruction in schools, which is so of import as in schools is the lone location where all the immature adolescents are present at one clip.

Learning results is another country that I have identified from the Whole School Evaluations. Learning results are statements which link learning and rating. The acquisition results are written by the instructor in the planning phase. They are statements about what the scholars will be able to make or what they will larn at the terminal of the category. Fink ( 2003 ) represents class design in a theoretical account associating Learning ends / larning results with instruction and appraisal. Measuring larning results provides information on what peculiar cognition ( cognitive ) , accomplishment or behavior ( affectional ) pupils have gained after direction is completed ( WBG 2011 ) . Learning Results are so of import in Physical Education, they give way for the category. Learning results and appraisal of these results guarantee that the pupils are really larning something. Learning results in P.E. are non merely about larning a accomplishment and pupils can be challenged cognitively and socially every bit good as physically.

Appraisal of the results will demo what the pupils have learned. Bettering the acquisition results and how they are evaluated and assessed will assist with the development of the kid as they will larn and non merely take part in the Physical Education category. To alter the current pattern in P.E. will assist develop a more equal P.E. experience for all pupils. A alteration in the signifier of doing P.E. an examinable topic will give clear way for the instructors and will guarantee that the acquisition results are being met as there will be clear assessment methods. This will assist instructors to develop clearer larning results and better the overall experience of Physical Education.

Making P.E. an examinable is an country that I have focused on and discussed. I think that making this is an of import measure in increasing the cognition and consciousness about Physical Education. It is possible that P.E. can better its position without doing P.E. an examinable capable nevertheless I think that it is the best method. The Irish instruction system is an test focused system and taking clip from other exam topics is non realistic in our society without bettering the position of Physical Education and the most efficient manner will be to do it an examinable topic.