Is America the Land of Dreams? Essay

“The United States of America is the land of dreams”, but is it really? During this essay I shall be giving my opinion on this statement and if I think America is really the land of dreams, or not. Thousands of people make the move to America every year, and some are very successful, creating a better lifestyle for themselves and their family members. Unfortunately some are not as successful and find themselves begging for money and food, and living on the streets or in homeless centers. Recently poverty has increased dramatically in the USA, causing thousands of Americans to become homeless, or classed poor. Over 1 ½ million children in America have become homeless, causing not only them to worry about school work, but also about money, and where they will sleep. Sometimes children go with no dinner, and a source stated “I saw the children taking ketchup packets from the school canteen so they could mix it with water to make ketchup soup for their dinner!” Not only are the children suffering but so are the adults, with over 500 million American adults with no health insurance, they are getting serious health problems but avoid surgery as they fear they won’t be able to afford it. In addition, homeless shelters have become full due to the increase of homelessness, causing some victims to sleep in tents (a bit like a tent city), in their cars, in motels, and in drains underneath Las Vegas!

These facts are alarming and show that America’s poverty has caused homelessness, no dinner, and no health insurance. Furthermore, since Barack Obama has become president there has been a rise in the amount of Americans with no health insurance (from over 496 million to over 500 million)! All of this evidence shows that America is not the land of dreams, but a land of poverty and homelessness. Although poverty has become worse, some people still believe that “America is the land of dreams”. Over the past few years experts claim that there has been a slight economic growth, showing that America has been improving. As well as this, according to specialists, homelessness has gone down! Moreover a source states “although people claim to be poor, over half of them have a flat screen TV or computer, showing that actually they’re not poor!” Another fact is that over 40% think that healthcare is a choice and to get it you have to pay for it. All of this evidence is very surprising, that there has been economic growth, poor people are not poor and homelessness has gone down.

This shows that some Americans are well off and living in luxury, and in fact the majority at least have a small amount of luxury showing that poverty does not completely exist in America. Overall this evidence clearly shows that for some “America is the land of dreams”. Looking at both arguments, it is clear that America is deeply divided with the poor and the rich. Some experts say that America is “the land of dreams” because their dreams come true, in their opinion. However, with the overwhelming statistics of poverty and homelessness, it is obvious that America is not the land of dreams, and instead a land of poverty. In conclusion, I believe that America is a land of poverty, and a land of impossible dreams.