Is Bounty is compared to other paper

Is Bounty Really the Best? Materials Science Different Paper Towel Brands ___________________________________________Signature of Sponsoring Teacher ___________________________________________Signature of School Science Fair Coordinator TeacherNathan Hatch640 W. Scott St.Chicago, IL 60610Grade 8 Table of ContentsAcknowledgments                                                                                       Page 3Purpose and Hypothesis                                                                              Page 4Review of Literature                                                                                     Page 5Materials and Procedure                                                                              Page 6-7Results                                                                                                         Page 8-9Conclusion, Reflection, Application                                                            Page 10-11Reference List                                                                                              Page 12 Acknowledgments This project would not be possible without the people who helped me and supported me along the way. I’d like to thank my mom for helping with photos, testing, and helping me with other ideas.

I want to thank my dad for helping me with the experiment as well and for brainstorming ideas with me. Purpose and HypothesisPurpose:The reason I chose to do this project is because we use paper towels in our everyday lives and I wanted to find out how select brand names compare to generic brands when it comes to paper towels. I also thought it would be a good idea to choose this project because there are many different possibilities and tests that I can do. Hypothesis:My hypothesis for this was that if I test multiple brands of paper towels in a series of different tests then Bounty will perform the best on most of the tests because based on my research Bounty is one of the most efficient, popular brands known. Review of LiteraturePaper towels are definitely an essential part of our lives. 62% of users prefer to use paper towels over other hand drying methods. Paper towels are made by grinding plant materials, including wood, into fibers.

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Those fibers get pressed into sheets, which are the paper towels we have in our homes. The absorbency of the paper towel has to do with it’s stitching patterns. For example: the traditional Bounty stitching pattern is in diamonds, which is supposed to give it extra absorbency. When Bounty is compared to other paper towel companies it is supposedly the better option, but it is more costly than other brands. Materials and ProcedureMaterials:At least 1 popular brand name paper towel roll2-5 other generic paper towel brand rollsWater Measuring cups for mL  recommended: (15 mL and 5 mL)WeightsBooks/small boxes (sturdy)TapeJug for containing water (at least 200 mL)TimerSmaller Jug (at least 50 mL)Procedure:Make sure you have all materials neededFirst Test: Fill the jug up to 200 mL. Get timer set to 20 seconds.

Take one sheet of a type of paper towel and scrunch that up. As soon as you hold the paper towel down in the water, start the timer. When it’s done, take the paper towel out and squeeze all the water out into the second smaller jug. The amount in the second jug is part of the data, record it. Do this for each brandSecond Test: Get a plate or a flat surface.

Poor a set amount of water onto that surface, such as 15 mL. Keep putting a single paper towel of the same brand on top of each other until the water is unnoticeable at the top. Note: You may have to apply very slight pressure to the top paper towel to see if the water goes through. Do this for every brand.

Third Test: Get your books/sturdy boxes and weights ready. You can use weights such as 8 lbs, 15 lbs and 30 lbs. Put your sturdy objects parallel from each other so that the space is less than the long side of a paper towel. Then you get 2 sheets of a certain brand and fold them each in half (you want this to be folded the long way). Put these folded sheets on top of each other and make a bridge with them, using the sturdy objects. Tape the paper towels on each side. Have one person hold the sturdy objects down, while the other puts the weight on the paper bridge.

Do this for all brands.Fourth Test: Do the same test as last time, except put a little water on the bridge before you put the weights on. You also want to put double as many sheets on the bridges. Fifth Test: Scrub a rough surface with each paper towel after soaking them with water. ResultsTest 1: This is the absorbing TestTest #BrandmL Held1Bounty481Target451Viva422Bounty402Target402Viva333Bounty463Target433Viva37Test 2: This is the pile of Sheets TestTest #Brand# of Sheets1Bounty41Target31Viva22Bounty32Target32Viva2Test 3: This is the Weight TestBrand8 Pounds15 Pounds23 PoundsBountyYesYesYesTargetYesYesYesVivaYesNoNoTest 4: This is the Water Weight TestBrand8 Pounds15 PoundsBountyYesNoTargetYesNoVivaYesNoTest 5: There really isn’t a table to make for this oneThe Bounty did the best in the scrubbing on a rough surface test.

The Viva Brand did the second best. The Target brand did the worst on this test. Conclusion, Reflection, and ApplicationConclusion: My science fair project is about testing generic brands of paper towels and known popular brands of paper towels. I wanted to find out which paper towel brand does the best in the tests and how else they compare. I hypothesised that Bounty would do the best overall in all the tests. I tested it by doing a range of tests that vary from how much weight it can hold to how much water can it soak up. I noticed that Bounty did the best on the soaking test (how much water it can hold). I also noticed that in the other tests the brands competed well with Bounty, especially the Target brand, “Up and Up”.

My hypothesis was proven pretty much correct because Bounty did the best in two tests, and then it tied for the best in two more tests, therefore making Bounty probably the best option. I learned that the paper towels do better in some tests than other paper towel options. Reflection:I feel like my tests were mostly fair. They could have been more fair/accurate if I used a better strategy for measuring all the water for some tests.

My results were pretty accurate, considering that I tried to measure to nearest mL. Something I would change about this experiment is would probably have more tests or even more brands to compare. Something I’m curious about is that I want to know how much more money some paper towel companies make compared to others. Application:This data can be used in a real life situation because people can buy the paper towel brand that did the best on the tests, because they probably want to use the best paper towels they can get. These results are important in the field of science because this shows how the science behind the stitching, thickness and material all applies to how well the paper towel performs. This experiment connects to our lives because we use paper towels every day and it is a very important part of our lives.

This experiment does show that there are things you can do to make a paper towel better in general, so that it will perform better in everyday situations. Reference List