Is Cheating Necessary? Essay

Under most circumstances cheating is not necessary, if you really feel like you shouldn’t be with that person you should talk to them in person about how you feel, but never go behind their back and start having relations with another person, it’s almost if you are lying to that person. There most likely be Cheating in a relationship is the equivalent to lip-syncing in a concert, someone is eventually going to notice and not be happy about it, and it’s not necessary.Being in a relationship with someone take commitment, trust, understanding, and most of all faithfulness because it tells your partner that you’ll stand beside even when hard times hit. Mr. Dotter is a married man with a baby on the way, if his wife found him cheating or vise versa, things probably wouldn’t end up well between the two. Feelings would be hurt and arguments would arise, there could be repercussions such as divorce.

Now, I have never been in a serious enough relationship (marriage) like Dotter has, but having seen how much my parents love each other I could see why cheating could cause serious conflict and constantly being emotionally distraught, all the hard work that you put into that relationship has gone down the drain. When a person cheats they suddenly get this horrible reputation, for an example, if Mr. Dotter cheated on his wife and a couple weeks later his wife found out she would be infuriated! She might even have thoughts about divorce if the situation was bad enough.She calls up her girlfriends and tells them about the horrendous news and they all start to talk about the situation. Most people don’t like cheaters. Your partner trusts you and you trust your partner, this is a simple law,do one to others as they do to you meaning whatever is hurtful to you don’t do that thing to someone else in this case it would be cheating. people who have strong and lasting relationships probably don’t cheat on their significant other or cause them hurt, its just not healthy to cause heartache in that way.

One of the benefits of not cheating is having a happy and joyous relationship and not having to worry every single second if your partner is with someone else and has feelings for that other person and not you. All in all cheating is usually never necessary, it causes conflicts and hearts feeling broken and not intact. In my opinion, cheating causes bad names for people and isn’t worth committing. If nobody cheated, more people’s relationship lives would be peaceful and less worrisome.

People need to commit to their relationships instead of being unfaithful.