Is from an old ape, how come we

     Is evolution a random process?.The life-long question, still remains a  theory.Scientist have looked into evolution for a long time, but haven’t been able to find the answer, leaving it to be a theory. A scientist/Naturalist named Charles Darwin had a theory of evolution. He believed that the process of evolution is a natural process that happens to living organisms over time, which is also a process of Natural Selection.When he first had the theory of evolution, he was on his voyage sailing on his ship called the beagle.Once he sailed on the beagle he took notes of some creatures(mostly lizards) on the Galapagos Islands and he would see all of the changes as he went by.Charles Darwin then published a book (On the Origin of Species) Which establishes the work of evolution he has seen and discovered.It also talks about how each specie has changed over time and has  evolved into stronger and more adaptive creatures.He noticed that the iguanas were different from the normal lizards where he is from.He also noticed that “they had stronger bone structures and their feet were bigger and buffer” (Charles Darwin).That’s when darwin got the idea that all species had to evolve at one point in life.          There has been many theories of the process of evolution.Some think that everything evolved from one thing, also known as a common ancestor.A common ancestor is what some people think is where we came from.If we did come from a common ancestor, that would mean we would be related by 99.9% related to each other in some way.Others believe that we originated from other religious beliefs.Evolution is a process we need think harder about.We need to think harder because if we actually came from an old ape, how come we don’t look or have the same qualities.            Evolution in others opinion is a random process.It’s a random process because species don’t just evolve on a certain date or time.Some scientist think that species evolve when they adapt to the environment and the food they eat.When animals adapt to their environment, they seem to get that mind set and qualities of their surroundings.If species were found in a desert and moved to a jungle, others think they would adapt and evolve to a more structured development.In conclusion, evolution is a random process.If evolution wasn’t a random process, then animals and humans would probably greatly evolve as time speeds by.