Is It Censorship Or Protecting Essay

An argument essay involves offering reasons for holding that some controversial claim true.

If the argument was read without analyzing, readers will confuse who it is right and who is wrong. Because the argument is two different opinion met strongly. In analyzing an argument, we can either question the premises or question the conclusion. We should read argument essay as how the two things are similar and what properties the two instances have in common.

Moreover, we need to identify the issue, the claim that is defended and the reasons used to defend the claim.In order to be good analyzing, we have to understand exactly the articles. After understanding that, we are ready to compare two different documents. This issue was between school districts and a teacher in high school. The title by school districts, Flowing Wells protected students and standards shows that the decision of superintendents was accurate for protecting student from bad educational resources. By the way, Carole Marlowe, who was the drama teacher in high school, titled her essay, In the eye of the Censorship hurricane: One teacher s story.In brief, she thought the decision that was exactly the censorship of free speech. Such cases as the superintendent and the teacher considered what they thought the most important at this problem.

From the district s paper, they rejected performing the play, in the contrary; the drama teacher thought that she could teach such a kind material in her class. They confronted a problem and they solved it like following that. Before the review two papers, we should know what the major problem is and what The Shadow Box is. The major problem was canceling play and firing the drama teacher because of the censorship of school or protecting the students.The Shadow Box is an up to date drama set in a special place where people wait to die. It shares out scary issue such as a homosexuality and a dying in dull terms. In addition to the article, it explained the play as, It is peppered with profanities and sexual innuendo. Not only there are numerous reasons to cancel play but also there is the purpose to perform the play.

The school districts have to cancel when they determine the improper topic and the bad educational resources.But the teacher can do for student as long as she has a confidence that will be good for the students. The first article was from the superintendent and the assistant superintendent.

This passage is simple and clear. We can recognize why they fired the drama teacher even though, the school districts didn t say the reasons to fire teacher explicitly. One example, the principle points out that, The high school principle trusted that the teacher would follow his direction. She did not. Whatever the teacher do for students, they should keep the rule as the educational problem.

In school, they should teach the proper materials. When the school districts detected wrong instruct, they have a responsibility and they should control the teacher for protecting students. Therefore, they canceled the drama after they received complaining from many student s parents and students. They tried to negotiate her but she was obstinate to conduct the drama. What problem had the play? Most people who complained it believed that was the inappropriate play in high school because it had a very naughty language. If she conducted it, it would make serious smash up students.Actually, in the progressing the play until the canceling the play still made harm to students who took part in this play. They gave some example about the worst word, humping, piss, screwing trophy.

They presented, We believed our decision to cancel The Shadow Box was in the best interest of students, and that, ultimately, is the final measure. The school districts wrote simple essay but strong appealing to person who concern this kind situation and problem. In summary of the teacher s story, she started writing her good career, which she did very good job and won a prize as the year of teacher.She decided to perform the play with the approving of her principle. It was not her arbitrary decision. She described the superintendent, manifested about complaining and the meeting, which was held solving for these problems. After the meeting the superintendent would cancel that and the reaction of the canceling play was one important letter from student s parent.

It would investigate by media. Afterward interviewing the drama to local newspaper, the TV interviewed her and her students also. The interrogation occurred a week later when she called to the principal s office for another meeting.After the last meeting, the superintendent sent a letter to her. The letter was about canceling the play. As the paragraph about the public crucifixion, the superintendent so vicious and she thought that she didn t do anything wrong in the place.

In Fine Arts week, they performed a drama for the classes. One of the scenes the students wanted to perform was from The Shadow Box. As it happened, another teacher found the scene to be inappropriate for their students and one of teacher became very upset.

Anyway, ended the year of teaching, Marlowe is both grateful and proud.She thought she faced the greatest challenge even though she was fired because failing the challenge. The last paragraph, she presents her story to other teacher who will face the same situation. She gives her opinion and a brave. On the contrast of the school district s paper, the second paper from the fired teacher quite wrong and some sentence was implicit. Marlowe described people related this problem such as the principle, the superintendent, and the other faculty directly. The principle was presented by her in the text, Throughout this meeting, the principle was silent in the first meeting.And also in some other meeting he was quiet as the same as before.

Marlowe illustrated the superintendent as fanatic Christian. She had noted, The speech was the first event to threaten this dream. and I was aghast to hear an authority figure in our district presenting his religious beliefs as the answer to educational issues. Well this noticed how they restricted to the education system and the teachers. Moreover, she was disappointed some other faculty who did not agree to her. However, she didn t imply much about parents and students.She wrote the pride of students who was interviewed by the media and one parent, the professor in the department of English in university, wrote the press objective mail.

The letter of parent would launch the problem in the high school. As matter of facts, the most unjust thing thought by the drama teacher was the censorship of school. In the words of writer Carole Marlowe, I believe that opening day speech was a red flag to every fanatic and Bible thumper in the district to go on a witch hunt, and I m the first stop.She represents her one of example to show alarm to the other teachers who wants to do the same as her did. In addition, she believed that, What happened to me could to any educator. It was the one reason to write this paper, she doesn t want to go back to work there and she doesn t want to reconsider the decision. She hopes only that the second and third Marlowe case will not occur the same happen. We should check what they want to say to people and what they considered in this problem.

Some facts were dealing different way and meaning.One example, the complaining of play, following her showed the first from the other faculty but the school districts assumed parents and students. Flowing Wells protected students and standard and In The Eye of the Censorship Hurricane :One Teacher s Story told story in high school. There were two main a controversial issue.

One is to cancel a play and the other is to fire a drama teacher. Two articles have similarity and difference. After an editorial wrote this story in the newspaper, the fired teacher and school districts explained their opinion.