There what they believe is right and

There are usually many causes for war to happen, these are: revenge (e. g. if a country has lost in battle to another country then they would want to take revenge and beat them), History (e. g. the two countries have had a past history of wars), political (e. g. the two governments have disagreements which lead to a war), ethnic cleansing (e. g. when a country wants to defeat another because of their religious differences, they want to remove people of a certain religion, they want to cleanse the land), anger (e. g. a country gets angry against the actions by another country), belief (this is better known as terrorism.

Some people believe that what they believe is right and the beliefs of the other people are wrong. This might seem the case in terrorism, e. g. September 9/11 when people of another belief hijacked a plan which led to the scrutiny of many peoples lives), Land (e. g. when a country needs more land for reasons such as: space, economy and land power. This can lead to wars against the area they are trying to take over or wars against countries which believe their actions are wrong), rebel (when a group of people rebel maybe against a government.

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Reasons for this can include power). Is Religion the cause of all wars? In my view I don’t think this can be always seen as the main reason behind wars. There have been many wars that have not including religion as part of their reasons for going to war. There have also been some wars that have the beneficiary cause of religion, such as the crusades where it was more of one religion versus another, witch hunt burning, Middle Eastern conflicts where people fight for a God.

Also war on terrorism is mostly made by religious indifferences and beliefs, and the Northern Ireland conflict between Catholic and Protestants which again is like two religion versus each other. All these wars are fought ‘In the name of God’, the almighty who in my view does not want people to go to war in his name, it is more of a sin then a religious act to purify an area but people still believe if they die in a war in the name of God that they will go to Heaven.

But none of this is true in my view; I believe you go to heaven if you have led a healthy, beautiful life full of happiness for other, and not hatred like some people have. I don’t think that God would want you to mass murder just for him. He is omnipotent and so if area needs ethnic cleansing then he shall do whatever he wants. I believe that greed causes wars, greed for fortune, fame and power. Behind every ‘religious’ war, there were individuals using the cover of religion to gain control. True religion does not cause wars. Love your neighbor is a principal of religion.

The dangerous people, who want to control us, fill their media with the message that religion is the culprit of war. The constructors of the new world order obviously don’t want religion in the new world. True religion is the opposite of control. True religion is about individual responsibility; but wouldn’t it be better if we just had communitarism which is just about different communities: there are no individuals. It is about control and the transfer of wealth to the ruling elite. They will want to control our very thoughts if they can.

No, religion is not the culprit like they would want you to believe. Their agenda is control and that is the real problem. To ban religion is just used by them to stir people to fight for them in their name and do all they say. They don’t want anyone to think like an individual. So they impress you by the ideology that religion is the most important thing ever, and so you need to fight for this so that our religion is not destroyed and moves on several more decades, but really they just want the greed= power, fortune and fame.

They want you to ‘throw out the baby with the dirty bathwater’. And you have no idea the degree of control. Just being able to walk alone to think and be by yourself, is a freedom that will disappear under communitarianism. You have no idea what it is like to not be able to go anywhere you want, to always be controlled every minute of every day. They will promise a wonderful new age. Well all the above is what I sincerely believe: greed=power, fortune and fame. Can we really buy into what they are saying? Well, we know some people for sure can!