Is Television Good for Education? Essay

Nowadays, we know that there are televisions in most of every houses. Especially in big city like here in Medan, there are no house that doesn’t have a television. We are so close to television that most of our activities involve television. So, does watching television bring any effects on our education? Television can be a very useful academic tool, and has been used in the classroom for academic purposes since the 1970`s. The television programmers are used to assist children in various subject areas, and are used alongside other teaching materials, to give a well rounded approach to learning materials.

This has proved successful as children prefer learning visually at a young age. Regular television now consistently shows programmers of an educational nature. These programmers can easily be found on channels such as national geographic, discovery, and the learning channel, as well as on general stations worldwide. Another useful feature of television is that it tackles difficult questions in the areas of morality and ethics. Through the medium of television children are exposed to ideas and made aware of cultures that they can not necessarily experience for themselves.

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A final point to consider is that television is a visually stimulating medium and is of interest to children. Therefore, it can be used to assist reluctant learners by creating interest and removing pressure that can accompany traditional learning techniques. Television is a useful educational tool if used correctly and in moderation. Television can assist with academic learning and also their social and emotional development. Although more research is needed, it is the attitude towards television and its uses that creates a successful environment in which children can learn.