Is the Dog or Cat Better? Essay

Nose wet, eyes pleading, and tongue drooping out their mouth, a dog has been loyal all day, waiting for that precious moment when their master walks through the door. Hoping on his two front paws with joy, Toby greets his human with enough enthusiasm to make anyone’s day. Letting a yip of excitement pass through his canine teeth, Toby makes his presence known; he has been waiting all day. On the other hand there is Sadie the Cat, she licks her hind leg, stretched in some obscene position that makes the regular person cringe.She barely realizes when her human enters the room, and if there is no tuna present, it’s a flick of the tail, and she is off on another adventure in the great unknown.

Dogs and Cats have been the topic of debate for centuries, and many people have questioned which animal would be more appropriate to introduce into their home. These arch rivals have such stark differences that define their nature, and provide the evidence that may show the better of the two. Toby has had a rough day.

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He woke up at 6:00 a. m. to lick the teenage daughter awake, and then begged for bacon and eggs under the table.Paws on the chair in front of him and puppy eyes slowly emerging from underneath the table cloth, this assertive dog will not take no for an answer.

Receiving his trifle, Toby bounds to the door to say goodbye to his adopted children. After cleaning the floor and chairs of any food scrapes and asserting his dominance around the fortress walls by pissing the invaders away, Toby awakes from his mid day nap to find with joy that the kids have returned to the castle! Leaping with passion, Toby chases his new ball to the other side of the creek, and gets a thorn in his paw.Yelping and crying from this new agony pulsing through his foot, Toby’s adopted children take him to the mother, where his pain is eased. A long day of frolicking in the yard and munching on left-overs is coming to a close and as Toby rests on his master’s bed, he shuts his droopy eyelids to snore through another night. Home owners with children normally prefer the dog, because cats often do not enjoy wrestling and the tugging of ears, and dogs tend to be more playful. According to lifescience.

com, recent study has shown that specially trained service dogs may reduce stress in children with autism, and help them in social situations.Dogs have been beneficial to society in many ways including being eyes for the blind, tackling criminals, and finding people in avalanche accidents. “In the book, Why Dogs Are Better than Cats, Trevor Bradley states that, “Dogs want love. Cats want fish. ” Dogs are for families that want a loyal companion, who would risk their life to protect them, and cats are for families that want a pet that is adventurous, and easy to take care of. Though one should never assume their cats would risk even one of their nine lives for them.

Even size and shape is important to homeowners, Lachlandv notes in 15 Reasons Why Dogs are Better Than Cats, that Dogs come in all shapes, sizes, and color to suit what the owner wants but cats are pretty dull as they really only vary in color. Some families may have a preference they may need to consider in size, for small dogs may be dangerous to have with young children. Silent paws in the night, the cat makes its way towards its prey. The mouse in the far alley will provide a nice gift for Sadie’s master. She leaves it on the welcome mat, hoping to show how she is thankful for her human’s hospitality.

This mysterious feline only comes back for dinner, and sometimes a tummy rub where she will purr insistently. Sadie tromps away from the apartments to find her way back to her cat lair, and another exploration. As she makes her way back for the dinner bell, she notices decadent turkey in her bowl instead of the regular tuna and automatically stretches her back and sifts her long claws through the carpet. Stomach full she may lay in her owner’s lap to receive some relished strokes, but after that short cap nap it would be another night on the prowl.Some apartment owners have found it easier to have a cat, because they were more independent creatures ready to provide for themselves when need be.

People who do not want a dependable and needy dog often resort to the lone cat which can still give some extra pleasure into life. The Telegraph newspaper’s writer, Richard Alleyne pointed out some of the benefits, “Cats have better acute senses, a smaller carbon footprint and their meowing and purring was considered less intrusive than dogs barking and whining. On Hugpages, KT argues that cats are easier to maintain saying that “cats don’t need walks or baths”, and on Rate it All, Amy found that there was a benefit from the no leash for cat law. After many observations and scientific studies, neither cat nor dog is better than the other. It all depends on opinions of the animal owners, and what characteristics are important to certain individuals.

Cats in the end are easier to take care of, but Dogs are easier to love. This controversial matter is not one to solve, but rather learn which pet the adopter will cope with the most efficiently.