Is TV good or bad? Essay

Today, TV is the most necessary gadget in people’s lives. Without it people might wind up lacking resources, unsatisfactoriness and limiting entertains. TV affects positive impact because it provides variety resources, indirect experience, and stress release. TV gives people a chance to have more information. News reports about economy, weather and show business so people can get information about the world without any difficulties. Not only through news but people also can gain dynamic information by other programs.

For example, a housewife can learn different ways of cooking for her family when she is watching a cooking program.Moreover, children get educational sources by discovery channel and documentary programs and a woman obtains various methods of yoga postures. As all these cases show, TV provides good resources. TV also serves people indirect experiences. Because of restrictions like limiting time, impossible occurrences of realization or financial problems, people cannot experience many things they want to do. TV however helps to experience new world.

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It is impossible to have supernatural powers. When people are watching the show ‘Heroes’, however; they can imagine and become the character what they want to be.Most of girls also dream that they go out with handsome guys, be high societies, and be smart like Serena who is the character in the show ‘Gossip girl’. When Serena dates with good-looking guys or be accepted Yale, girls feel substitute satisfaction.

These indirect experience and substitute satisfaction bring people to gain subjective views. TV offers people lots of entertainments and it makes people release their stresses. There is no doubt that most of people turn on TV after they get back home from their work. While they are watching whatever shows they like, they are soon released nerves and stresses with laughing.TV shows such as ‘Friends’, ‘Mr.

Bean’, and ‘Family Guy’ are popular and loved for a long time because those give big laughs in a short time. Nowadays, people are busy to keep their stable finances so that they cannot get loud laughs, however; TV is always around the world and definitely serves people a break and releases their nerves and stresses. Nowadays, TV brings most advances on human life.

TV provides variety information, it makes vicarious experiences possible, and it helps to rest. People become to obtain conveniently any kind of materials anywhere, anytime using the appliance called TV.