We mostly know what ISIS is. ISIS stands for Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

It is a group of men who desire to take over most countries in Asia and Europe. They already taken over several countries such as : Germany, France, Spain, Morocco, Algeria, Turkey and Greece. As you can see ISIS could soon take over Canada if we don’t stop ISIS.

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Did you know that ISIS is killing people because of the faith and religion they believe in.          I believe that the attacks of ISIS is a substantial threat to the countries of Asia and Europe. CNN says that ISIS in known for killing many men and women by crucifying them.

I also believe that ISIS attacking the countries of Asia and Europe is disagreeable because ISIS is also not just threatening countries but brainwashing people to kill and threaten other people because they say “In the name of ISIS!”. People may think that ISIS will never be stopped because of their massive and nuclear, explosive weapons. But no, America has sent over missiles to bomb ISIS and has successfully hit a few of ISIS’s planes. So now we have a few but at the same time not a few of ISIS’s planes down.

Did you know that ISIS first started to attack countries in Asia and Europe in 1999. That’s 18 years! Also if you attempt to attack ISIS and blow up one of their expensive trucks with explosives and nuclear weapons. It’ll be likely you did nothing to them. ISIS has at least 2 500 trucks filled with firearms and rifles, machine guns, semi automatic pistols, you name it, they have it.ISIS could soon take over the world if we don’t do anything. If we don’t do anything there will soon only be one question. What does ISIS want? ISIS’s flag is black and white.

The white writing at the top says “There is no Lord/God but Sir Allah. Mohammad is the courier of Sir Allah”. That saying is trying to say that ISIS only believes in Allah and not God.ISIS attacking the territory of other countries is wrong. We should stand up for ourselves as a team and protest against if ISIS is the right thing that the world needs.

Think in Michael Jackson’s song “Heal the World, make it a better place, for you and for me and the entire human race.” Make the world a better place. ISIS must come to an end.