Isolationism a horrible and severe economic depression.


The United States declines to give aid to Hungarian patriots
in 1849

The U.S. had wanted to expand westward and focus its
attention on the Manifest Destiny, which is the idea of having The U.S. stretch
all the way from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. The U.S. had decided
to stop all involvement with fighting others to focus on their plan for the

The motive behind it all was because they didn’t want to
waste any resources or time on helping a rebellion. They also at the time were
having issues with Europe and China and did not want another.


The United States proposes the Open Door Policy in 1899.

This would be categorized as intervention. The Open Door
Policy was a notion that the U.S. proposed. The notion means that all nations
have an equal amount of commercial and industrial trade rights in China.

The U.S. proposed this because after Japan attacked China which
weakened them, Europe took advantage of that, giving them the upper hand. The
U.S. was worried that they would no longer have equal access to trade in China
anymore which caused them to propose the policy.


The United States annexes
Hawaii in 1900.                

Missionaries and whalers were the
first people to stop on Hawaiian Islands. Afterwards outsiders started to
settle there. They started growing sugar and selling it to the States which
then became their top exporter. Americans had come to Hawaii to dominate their economy
AND government. In 1875 The U.S. and Hawaii had agreed to give the States
favored-nation status, which allowed them to import sugar to the U.S. without
any tariffs. Under pressure from the U.S’s sugar growers, Congress revoked
Hawaii’s special privileges, forcing them to compete with Cuban growers. Because
of this, Hawaii had to face a horrible and severe economic depression. To get
around this, Hawaii decided to try and become U.S. territory.

This would be imperialism because the
U.S. is taking advantage of a less financially stable country.