Issues of marks & spencer Essay


In this assignment, an analysis and treatment of the schemes and issues of Marks & A ; Spencer will be carried out.

M & A ; S was developed by immigrants. It was in 1884 that Michael Marks, a Russian-born Polish refugee, opened his first stall at a market in Leeds. Around ten old ages subsequently he moved the trestle-table imperium to Manchester where he went into partnership with Tom Spencer, a former teller. Over the following 10 old ages they built an operation that would turn to go the most British of establishments.

M & A ; S is a major British retail merchant with over 885 shops in the United Kingdom and with over 600 domestic and 285 international shops excessively. It is the largest vesture retail merchant in the United Kingdom, every bit good as being an up market nutrient retail merchant, and as of 2008, it was rated the 43rd largest retail merchant in the universe. Most of its domestic shops sell both vesture and nutrient, and since the bend of the century it started spread outing into other scopes excessively, such as home-ware, furniture and engineering.

M & A ; S has in topographic point aims to convey stockholder value in footings of addition returns, but besides in footings of addition gross revenues and market portion in retailing. Its beliefs and criterions are outlined as “ Our clients continue to see Marks & A ; Spencer as the topographic point to shop for particular nutrient, produced to demanding criterions ” . It besides sees its work force as an of import portion of its program and besides considers modernizing its shops as a cardinal corporate aim. Its vision is to put high client criterions and its mission in doing inspirational quality accessible to all.

However, the clip when M & A ; S was highly successful has long gone, as their vesture gross revenues have come under force per unit area from other large companies such as Following and Asda WalMart, in 2001 the company recorded a mere & A ; lb ; 145 million net income ( US $ 275M ) , adding to this its nutrient gross has been hit by Tesco.

Furthermore, in the last 5 old ages the company has experienced a sequence of alterations in direction and corporate constructions, following a monolithic diminution in gross revenues. What used to be a prima worldwide quality nutrient and vesture retail merchant has now become uncompetitive in the market industry internationally, particularly in the United Kingdom. A major lending factor to this has been due to the force per unit area from the economic crisis universe broad.

In 2002 the Chairman and Chief Executive of M & A ; S, gave cardinal information sing the direction ‘s recovery program for the company, and the address and infusions from Marks & A ; Spencer Press Releases provided a valuable penetration into the strategic programs for Marks & A ; Spencer. The Chief Executive of Marks & A ; Spencer insists that foremost the bosom of the company should be dealt with, and concentrate demands to be given to the full United Kingdom concern, with a mission to do inspirational quality accessible to all.

The chief aim of the scheme for Marks and Spencer is the enlargement into the worldwide market, and so take to go on maintaining in front of the manner market so that it can ever animate clients and raise the quality and criterions or their merchandise scope. However, for the company to go on its old success, they kept accommodating new schemes when former schemes started to neglect. Marks and Spencer ‘s programs to concentrate on maintaining strong connexion with their current client, whom have been loyal for many old ages and are the ground for the rapid growing and success of the company.

Another chief focal point for Markss and Spencer is to work closely with the market to construct a strong bond and trust with their stockholders, and besides to supply best possible dividend whilst keeping the company criterions and net incomes. In add-on, strongly sing their stakeholders sentiments which are of import as many companies success depends on its market and production, so even maintaining a strong connexion with employees on company betterments, and maintaining peace between force per unit area groups and the company is utile in bettering the trade name image.

The chief issues that Marks and Spencer has faced over the past five old ages are their gross revenues, since they have dropped massively compared to old success. Marks and Spencer have presently published what their concern programs are, and what they hope to take within the approaching old ages. Through this research it is aimed to look into whether Marks and Spencer has successfully abided to the scheme but still failed, does this mean that the scheme was ill planned, or whether in fact the scheme has increased their growing within the UK and world-wide market.

Marks and Spencer as an international company

From an international market position, Marks and Spencer ‘s purposes and criterions of their presentation and for the wider Marks and Spencer ‘s trade names in selected export markets were a successful concern globally. However, it seems that Marks and Spencers franchise shops are regarded much smaller than the UK shops. Nevertheless, portion of its strategic reappraisal, Marks and Spencer announced the closing of its loss-making concerns in Europe due to this. In 2005, Marks and Spencer ‘s internationally began to run in 29 states including Hong Kong. and had 198 franchised mercantile establishments together with 19 straight owned shops in Hong Kong, along with 65 shops were located in the Asia-Pacific part, 60 in Europe, 45 in Central Europe with the remainder in cardinal Asia and the Middle East. M & A ; S used to ain and operate 38 shops across France, Germany and Spain, but they were closed down in 2001 by the old president, Luc Vandevelde, as it ran into jobs due to the economic crises in the UK.

In April 2007 the company set out many programs to open 150 new international shops over the undermentioned three old ages, the bulk via franchising. The first of the gaps were scheduled to take topographic point during the summer in Ukraine and Bulgaria, aboard farther company-owned enlargement in Ireland. Franchisee-owned developments are besides underway in India and Russia excessively. Marks and Spencer set out how the shops should look and sell its branded goods and besides view each shop widely.

Furthermore, its rivals such as Following and Debenhams across India have had besides finance jobs, nevertheless, there strategic programs did non neglect every bit much as Marks and Spencer ‘s did globally, this is due to their uninterrupted new merchandises and trade names compared to that of Marks and Spencer. They besides focused on selling more than merely apparels and nutrient but besides to sell furniture etc. Much has been said that Marks and Spencer needs to perpetrate and be determined of what they sell best, which is nutrient and vesture, which in bend this will assist the company as a whole to keep at that place old success.

Despite its recent fiscal jobs and its somewhat confused trade name image, M & A ; S shows what can be done with tradition in the development of trade name equity. Standing for values that have a topographic point in society beyond the merchandise can hold of import cultural ties for consumers. M & A ; S stands for Britain every bit much as it does for retailing, and that ‘s a symbol that British consumers are n’t lament to give up in a haste.

During 2007/08 Marks and Spencer announced there program to turn their International concern to between 15 to 20 % of entire group grosss by 2012. There scheme remains unchanged, although they are accommodating their programs as the economic system dictates. Marks and Spencer ‘s purpose is to make their ain mark, with gross revenues up 25.9 % .

Marks and Spencer ‘s five cardinal elements for an International growing scheme are the undermentioned:

The Turning of their equity partnerships in line with their revised concern theoretical account.
The Expanding of footmark into new markets and within markets where we already operate.
To Achieving operational excellences.
To foreground the trade name unity and consciousness
Finding advanced ways to turn our nutrient offer.

M & A ; S ‘s most concentrated European attempt was in France. The vesture offering generated great net income, nevertheless, the nutrients subdivision did non make every bit good asexpected.


High manner scheme
Target country: European Countries, particularly France

As Paris is the manner capital, hence, M & A ; S should and demands to supply more manner elements into their design in order to broaden their mark market, and pull more female clients. For illustration, M & A ; S could engage some universe celebrated interior decorators to work for their European market, it could non merely upscale M & A ; S ‘s degree, but it besides let M & A ; S charge premium monetary values on their ware.

Ad scheme
Target country: Canada

M & A ; S about had new trade name name has entered the Canadian market. Consequently the trade name was consciousness in one biggest failing in Canada. Therefore, M & A ; S have to pass more money in both similar Television selling or local intelligence paper selling to construct up their failing. For illustration, M & A ; S could hold engage a celebrated Canadian stars to pass on to their vesture, M & A ; S they can supply some of sort of gross revenues publicities which is weekday shopping vouchers or give price reduction to acquire more clients.

Multiple gross revenues channel
Objective country: All

The conventional gross revenues channel is though local shops and largely all of M & A ; S shops are located in downtowns countries. To advance the gross revenues, M & A ; S need to spread out the conventional channel, which have some catalogues of selling. M & A ; S can seek to get off the recent season of catalogue to their clients, which would do ordination and buying easier and convenient.

Class Control

Objective country: All

Good quality is a strong point with M & A ; S, it ‘s besides the ground how M & A ; S ‘s has high clients care. However, because of the low supply concatenation in Canada, M & A ; S merchandises easy became reduced and damaged the gross revenues of M & A ; S. As a consequence, M & A ; S should closely command the market supply concatenation to hold warrant of the value. TO diminish the operating cost M & A ; S may hold even more imported stuffs and goods from Asia or Europe.


The evaluated have been implemented non after it has occurred, so to detect if the intervention holding desired consequence. This would be involve rating and after completion rating. These both provide the organisation and the feedback about the intercession.

Evaluation expected at the steering this can be called execution feedback and appraisal of intervention is called rating feedback.

Implementation feedback comprises roll uping informations about facial visual aspect of the intercession its consequence and feeding them back in short intervals.

Evaluation advice involves to roll uping informations consequence footings of about to consequence intercession which are takes long feedback intervals.

The job of the nature organisation develop intercessions makes them really hard to measure. Very few of OD interberatnre are driven by the theory or designs which make it hard to construe cause and consequence. As does that fat they ne’er been haven separation to other activates and alterations in the organisation.

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However, OD intercessions can be aided by using the undermentioned guidelines:

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select right variables
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Research program e.g. quasi test designs.
Review of scheme Change

Every alteration of state of affairs is different, and different techniques and attacks for alteration demand to be managed accordingly.. Although this is discussed earlier, the Models considered for the alterations to give strength to the scheme on the each state of affairs merely in the general of manner. As a consequence, the single different of the state of affairs goes on flexible progress.

The alteration of theoretical accounts balanced change through Fairley stages- yet, when you consider the impact of alteration princess, it could be considered as broken. Intervention involves of altering the person ‘s ends, presenting the new evens, and holding alterations that do non suit to norms concern. Other status it may besides come to alter procedure thorough direction which is non portion of the original of program of alteration.

There is no difficult verification that consequence of planned on concern public presentation as rating is really hard and imprecise.

Consultant facilitating planned change their ain concern favourite biases that will act upon the operation and intercession used. Lack of the unfastened mindedness and consciousness may do the uneffective determinations for alteration.

The planned alteration the scheme attack involved long footings, but its frequently instance organisations want to be fix solutions with immediate consequences. This can be taking the corner in scheme to development or unfortunate alternate being used.

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Scheme Plan

Harris and Walters ‘ ( 1992 ) theoretical account of shop placement, based on the four overlapping circles of ware features, trading format, client service and client communicating, is proposed to be cardinal to the competitory scheme of multiple retail merchants ( Figure 1 ) . They suggest the four factors interact to make the market placement of a company and supply elaborate flow charts and descriptions for each lending factor. Furthermore, they link store positioning to critical success factors, such as gross revenues gross ; gross net income and gross border ; and gross revenues per square pes. This model is highly utile in researching the recovery of M & A ; S. The first measure was to take the company back to rudimentss by reexamining the scheme to guarantee that the offer for the mark audience was right. This led to the program, where the chief ends were to acquire the right merchandise for the assorted client groups, to implement a staff preparation programme to better client service, to renovate the shops, and overall to pass on all of this to clients.

The repute of M & A ; S was built on quality, dependability and service. Suppliers were about all UK based with long term contracts. However, when houses such as Following, Top Shop and George started to outsource from the UK, they could be far more competitory on monetary value, supplying more stylish apparels with scopes that were changed often, due to Quick Response methods ( Birtwistle, Siddiqui and Fiorito, 2003 ) . This led M & A ; S to beginning from abroad but they failed to go through on the increased border to the clients, hence they remained uncompetitive.

Customers viewed the vesture ranges as unstylish, unattractive and over-priced. During 2006, there was a launch of the new focussed scopes of adult females wear, and an enlargement of the Per Una trade name was launched, created by George Davies of Next and George at Asda. This doubtless improved the image of the trade name and increased M & A ; S’space. When Stuart Rose became the Chief Executive, M & A ; S had 16 manner sub-brands, quality and styling was inferior to the competition, and due to the drawn-out supply concatenation manner tendencies were missed ( Rose, 2007 ) .

In their new scheme, M & A ; S continue to utilize universe broad providers with relationships based on partnerships instead than the old paternalistic direction manner ( Khan, 2006 ) . This has enabled the house to cut down supply concatenation costs by & A ; lb ; 100m ( Rose, 2007 ) . For the vesture ranges, M & A ; S invested in the design procedure and merchandise development, and intensive staff preparation excessively, giving the squads full merchandise control, doing the company more nimble and enabling lead times to be reduced, giving increased flexibleness and cut downing stockholding from & A ; lb ; 4bn to & A ; lb ; 1.3bn ( Khan, 2006 ; Rose, 2007 ) . However, it has forced providers to take on increased hazards by holding to be really flexible, bring forthing short tallies and by hive awaying cloth and stock ( Birtwistle, Moore and Fiorito, 2006 ) .

Every hebdomad Stuart Rose reviews stockholding and supplier committednesss to guarantee that monetary value points and quality are right and he has implemented a new scheme of ‘good, better, best ‘ scopes, each stand foring good value ( Rose, 2007 ) . To make merchandises to the assorted client groups the Customer Insight unit holds regular focal point groups where clients are provided with samples of goods. For case, to understand the demands of the older consumer, M & A ; S invites in the members from the Women ‘s ‘ Institute to give honest, extremely opinionated advice ( Woods, 2007 )

Customer Service

For many old ages M & A ; S client service was based on the halo consequence of their broad returns policy. Furthermore, they were non used to hold adjustment suites and did non accept recognition or debit cards, and even when they did present them, they did non pass on this fact to their clients. M & A ; S is cognizant that clients have become more demanding with higher outlooks in footings of service and that they had become less competitory in the rates they were paying store floor staff, hence they found it hard to enroll choice staff. A client service programme was created by Mary Gober and implemented in 2005. All 56,000 members of staff attended and this preparation is ongoing.

The cardinal message is that the client comes foremost, by doing oculus contact, supplying first-class service in cardinal countries such as the adjustment suites, at the boulder clay and information countries, and in the caf & A ; eacute ; s ( Anon, 2006 ) . For illustration, all staff should be able to manage questions on manner tendencies, sizes and pricing, adjustments and changes, offers and inducements. M & A ; S besides increased the figure of staff in countries such as places where clients need more aid, and this investing in merchandise and gross revenues developing for store floor staff is seen to be paying off.

Trading Format

M & A ; S had been really slow in taking up the tendency to travel to retail Parkss ( Khan, 2006 ) . and many of their smaller shops have non been refurbished in recent old ages either. Davies and Brooks ( 1989 ) argue that the best manner of acquiring consumers to re-evaluate the merchandise is to set about a shop refit. A program to modernize the shops was implemented in 2006, and the first axial rotation out of the new format began. In the first twelvemonth M & A ; S spent & A ; lb ; 500m and they planned to pass an extra & A ; lb ; 800m in the following old ages ( Fletcher, 2007 ; Rose, 2007 ) .

The procedure consisted ab initio of bettering the shop environment by taking away the deficit or embracing of signage. This was followed by a figure of new shop formats, hence, an order for 100 new escalators, 100 lifts and 20 stat mis of new infrigidation units was made ( Rose, 2007 ) . The improved merchandise offer, the service and the progressively attractive shop environment has led to 16 million shoppers sing the shops each hebdomad ( Marks & A ; Spencer, 2007 ) .

Customer Communication

In general, client communicating is farther achieved utilizing the in-store magazine. First forays into advertisement went drastically incorrect when their Television run pictured a bare adult females, size 14, running up a hill. This sent a wholly incorrect message out to their clients ( Khan, 2006 ) . Today they have become the leader in retail selling communicating. The first advertisement run during fall 2004 featured the nutrient offer utilizing oral cavity irrigating nutrient picture taking and a animal female voice-over saying “ this is non merely nutrient, this is M & A ; S nutrient ” . This Television run presented an wholly new format, which has been dubbed ‘food erotica ‘ . For case, the cocoa pudding advertised merely earlier Easter 2005 increased gross revenues by 3,500 per cent, and as Steven Sharp said at the clip “ it makes you want to cream the telly! ” ( Martinson, 2006 ) .

When the vesture scope had been reviewed and new lines introduced the spring summer season was preceded by a strong advertisement run which included Television, wireless, film, print, postings and even five M & A ; S branded taxis. This was really successful and attracted clients into the shops, therefore, gross revenues and net incomes increased. A figure of theoretical accounts present the M & A ; S look such as Noemie Lenoir, Laura Bailey and Myleene Klass. Now anything worn by Twiggy, the 1960s manner icon, Erin O’Connor or Lizzy Jagger, the girl of Rolling Stone Mick Jagger sell out in yearss.

The attraction of the selling run is that it entreaties to all age groups. Whereas the womens-wear scope is presented by theoretical accounts, the menswear scope is promoted by famous persons such as the comics Jimmy Carr, Martin Freeman and Bob Mortimer and football initiates such as Alan Hansen, Ian Wright and Jamie Redknapp. Bryan Ferry the voice of Roxy Music is the face of the Autograph scope for work forces. The 2006 Christmas run last twelvemonth featured the Ice Hotel in Sweden with Shirley Bassey, and David Bailey did the picture taking to give the runs manner credibleness ( Brown, 2006 ) . The success of these runs can be measured non merely in gross revenues but besides by the figure of retail merchants such as Matalan, Debenhams, John Lewis Partnership and Next, who are now really copying the format.

Recently, the ‘look behind the label ‘ run advancing just trade merchandises, environmental concerns and client wellness has increased consumer perceptual experience of the organisation. This helped to pull 350,000 new clients a hebdomad into the shops ( Brown, 2006 ) . M & A ; S was awarded Company of the Year in 2006 and the Responsible Marketing Award in 2007 by Business in the Community. The selling outgo for the twelvemonth stoping 2007 was & A ; lb ; 145m, of which about half was spent on advertisement ( Fletcher, 2007 ) .


The recovery program appears to be working good, as portions top outing at & A ; lb ; 7.49 before the proclamations of the consequences in May 2007 ( English, 2007 ) . The twelvemonth terminal consequences to March 31st 2007 showed an addition of 28.5 per cent in net incomes to & A ; lb ; 965.2m, with a 6.1 per cent addition of like-for-like gross revenues to give acceptance to the five twelvemonth recovery program due to be completed in 2009 ( Table 2 ) . M & A ; S has 520 shops in the UK and has programs to open several Simply Food format shops every bit good as some out-of-town retail mercantile establishments, and they plan to use an extra 10,000 members of staff ( English, 2007 ) .

M & A ; S has been more successful than other retail merchants in utilizing incorporate selling communicating methods to acquire its message to both, disaffected yesteryear and nowadays clients, addition trade name equity and back up the recovery of the house. The advertisement runs have been a strong subscriber to the re-evaluation of M & A ; S as a retail merchant and have helped to increase footstep and the transition rate.

It has besides led to Steven Sharp accomplishing a figure of selling awards, such as the Marketing Society ‘s Marketer of the Year 2006 ; the Marketing Week Effectiveness Awards 2006 ; and the Chief Marketing Officer of the Year award at the Global Marketer Summit in Frankfurt in 2006. In January 2007, Stuart Rose at last used the ‘r ‘ word and stated the concern was now good into the recovery stage. However, in a really competitory trading environment, turning the short term recovery into long term growing will be more hard and expecting to see the way of the long term scheme.


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