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It was mid 90’s and I was in second grade when my parents bought a computer home. I still remember how excited I was; Fascinated to operate it and laughing at my naïve attempts handling the mouse. Since then, my passion for computers grew substantially. I also remember me opening the cabinet of CPU and exploring the mystique working of motherboard. It somehow intrigued me! The seamless integration of software and hardware often left me awestruck. As the years passed by I learnt coding and began designing simple applications. Watching my code execute gave me a sense of happiness. That’s when I decided to take science as my major and pursue my career in computer science.I took up computer science engineering in D.Y.Patil. Institute of Technology, one of the premier colleges in Pune, India and graduated with ‘First class with Distinction’. I did courses on data structures, design and analysis of algorithms, software engineering, operating systems, computer networks, advanced databases microprocessors organization which are integral part in computer-science domain. These courses helped me deepen the understanding of the core fundamentals and widen my horizon in applying the concepts in designing applications. During my undergraduate course I worked on a variety of projects which in turn helped me learn many programming languages. In third year I had designed a website which served as a platform for users to either buy or sale used cars. While designing I learnt languages like PHP, HTML and JavaScript.  Having a keen interest in databases I designed an application using VB and SQL which kept track of students in an educational institution. Similarly, by using .NET and SQL I developed an application to manage the database of vehicles in a city. In my final year project which was programmed in Java and SQL, we developed a system for price differentiation in communication networks, in which the service provider can decide the pricing schemes and assign his resources in a resource constrained network to customers which are divided in three categories based on their usage. The objective of the project was twofold. First, to maximize the revenue of the service provider and second to provide optimal resources for customers for right price. Based on our final year project we also published a technical paper in international journal IJSRET in March 2014 titled ‘A Framework for Pricing Schemes for Networks under Complete Information’   and also in  International Research Conference on Recent Advances in Engineering and Technology (IRCRAET)   Working in this project has greatly enhanced my programming skills and my ability to work in a team.Along with academics, I was also involved in various  extra curricular activities. As an integral member of our inter college fest ‘ZION’, I organized and managed events which gave me great opportunity to interact with new people and it also enhanced my organizational and leadership skills. I polished my presentation skills by competing in various paper presentation competitions. The two level Ethical Hacking workshop conducted by Kyrion Digital Securities taught me a great deal in Network security and understanding the nature of cyber attacks and preventive measures to be taken against them.After completion of my engineering , I got an opportunity to work with Infosys. I got trained in SAP from Narayan Murthy Center of Excellence , a world class facility.   Working with Infosys has definitely helped me shape my overall personality along with giving me the most needed exposure in corporate world. Having great interest in Computer Science I now feel the need of studying its concepts in greater depth. Pursuing masters program in Computer Science from the — university will surely help to equip me with the recent technologies used in the ever growing software industries.  The outstanding research facilities provided by your university will give me the needed edge to get to top my domain. With my zeal and determination I hope I achieve my goals with flying colors of success.