It can make a difference. Other factors

It is important to prioritise health issues and population groups for Australia to have better health overall. Australia needs to ensure that most productive use of resources is given to groups experiencing health inequities as the resources can make a difference. Other factors that can help Australia improve their health is to reduce costs to individuals and the community, reduce the prevalence by reducing the incidence of disease, and help particular population groups, while being equitable in the process by using the social justice principles. By prioritising it lowers prevalent issues, empowers individuals, creates supportive environments, meets the needs of the disadvantaged and fair allocation of resources.It is important to prioritise because it helps to ensure fair allocation of resources and funding. Applying the principles of social justice (equity, diversity and supportive environments) enables us to identify priority population groups and seek to provide funding and resources to create supportive environments so that they are empowered to take ownership and act to improve their own health.By using the social justice principles and prioritising population groups, this ensure that funding must go towards diseases that are prevalent in society and that have a large cost on the community and the individual. If resources and funding are allocated to prevalent but non-high-cost issues, such as a sprained ankle, the impact will be minimal on health outcomes. However, allocating these to prevalent and high-cost issues such as CVD, Cancer, Diabetes, or dementia will help ensure the greatest impact of the resources and funding.The importance of prioritising health issues is to grantee that we target issues that can be prevented or where early intervention has a extensive impact on the cost of the disease for both individuals and the community. If we prioritise issues where early intervention has no effect on health outcomes and that cannot be prevented, then resources and money would go to waste. We need to ensure we prioritise health issues where prevention is possible such as type II diabetes or where early intervention has a large impact on health outcomes such as cancer. Australia uses campaigns such as target the food we eat, and by providing Government funded cancer screening programs (prostate and breast).