It Jim was a werewolf too but

It was party night at our school as exams had just finished. Me and the gang; Jim, Tara and Beck had just arrived. The party was on fire. Our group went inside to give all the cupcakes we had made for Tori. We were going outside, when I saw Ben and get a glance of a scar on Ben’s neck. I was suspicious about him. As we were leaving a girl came running and panting. She was hemorrhaging badly and screaming. Our teacher asked about what had happened to her but she died in her arms before she could answer. I saw claw marks all over her. I knew what had happened. I instantly looked at my friends, everyone got scared.

“Nobody goes out!” I yelled.

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We went running out. As I came outside I was surrounded with fire, had sharp nails and long dangerous fangs. I am a werewolf who gets on fire. Tara had a sword and her eyes were blue. Jim was a werewolf too but Beck was a shapeshifter; she turned into a wolf. I saw the beast; its nails and fangs were stained in blood. I lacerated its chest with my nails. Jim and Tara were on the floor by now and Beck was lying unconscious. I went again but it hit me. I saw Beck and a flare of red fire surrounded me completely. I jammed my nails in its stomach and turned them from inside. I screamed.

“This pack is a loving family, mess with one and the rest will destroy you!” I yelled.

Tara got up and lashed her sword in its neck. It clutched her and threw her onto the bus. Jim and Beck got Tara out for help as I signaled them I turned back and it was gone.

    I went outside to check if everyone was okay. I heard a shout coming from the auditorium. I ran and when I got inside I saw the beast standing on the stage. I was about to attack but people were hiding there; so I told them to close their eyes and not open them until I said so. I attacked it twice but it lashed me to the ground. I could barely open my eyes. It was about to finish me but Ben popped out and hit it with his nails. I got up and slit its throat, I stood there helpless. After I regained my senses, I went to see if Tara was okay. I looked at Ben beside me.

“You’re not the only one” he said and I laughed.

When we came back it was gone, after such a big injury it escaped. A red flare of fire shined through me. I was ready and you know what they say:

               “Throw me to the wolves and

               I’ll come back leading the pack”