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It was never a rare occasion where I would stay after school or come on weekends to volunteer at school events. As little as staying a few minutes after school to set up for an ambassador event or big such as leading a group in the freshman retreat, I was always the first to volunteer. Coming by myself from middle school, I wanted to create bonds with my new fellow classmates whom I may not share the same classes with or in different grade levels. I involved myself in different ranges of student clubs and sports that met my interest and took leadership roles while completing my goal of making new friends. Not only did my engagement in student activities allow me to develop new characteristics about myself such as leadership qualities, I became aware of how crucial environmental sustainability is. The population believes that plastic water bottles are easily accessible and are seen as a cleaner water source compared to tap water due to advertisements. Tap water is often safer, cleaner, and healthier than bottled water. Water bottlers companies harm the environment by exhausting aquifers and other groundwater sources, regardless of drought or water shortage. The production, transportation, and consumption of the plastic bottles burn fossil fuels and generate mountains of waste. It is important to spread awareness on the misunderstanding on tap water, as water is a critical source for our health and our environment. Because of this, reusable water bottles are a huge stepping stone in the right direction to decreasing permanent damages to groundwater sources. Not only is it safer, the amount of money spent on plastic water bottles can be used towards another as it cost only 0.002 compared to bottled water price of 0.89, according to green matters. I have brought awareness to this by being active in Peace and Justice Society, a club on campus, whom in return have begun to have assemblies on water rights and the negative effects of water bottlers companies have on the environment. Due to this, my high school no longer allows water to be sold on campus but offer water coolers to refill reusable water canteens and water fountains across campus.