It following: choose your top 3 provide

It is time to pick your top 3 influential inventions.
Once you have chosen you will need to justify your decision. Why did you choose those 3?
How will you do that? Complete the following:
choose your top 3
provide 3 pieces of evidence for each as to why you chose it
minimum of 5 paragraphs of 5 sentences each
you cannot copy and paste information off of the internet (thats plagiarism)
submit to eBackpack when finished
What do you think the top 3 inventions is? I think the top three are mason jars, barbed wire,
and the cotton gin. I think that these are the top three because they all have made diffrences in
agriculture. These things are important because they have helped out in some way or another. In
the next couple paragrahs i will tell you why they are the top three.
Mason jars. Mason jars are in the top three because they help presevere food. Preserving
food is important because your food will last longer. Your food will last longer because the jar will
get presserized so that it can last longer. Mason jars where invented in 1859 but the creator did
not see nay of the money. He did not see any of the money as for they did not live long enugh to
see it.
Barbed wire. Barbed wire is important because it helps protect the land and keeps your
animals in. Barbed wire is also very cheep and very useful. Barbed wire has had many changes
since it was first created but it has kept the same concept. Barbed wire is important because it
has improved agriculture.
Cotten gin. The Cotten gin is important because it helped make farmers job easier. The Cotten
gin helped seperate the Cotten from the seeds. Cotten is important because it is used in a lot of
diffrent things. The Cotten gin has made big diffrences in agriculture.
I think those three things are the top three for agriculture because they all made big
improvments in agriculture. agriculture Would not be the same without these things. These things
have made agriculture they way it is. It has also made it a little easier.