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It is evident that as a Biological Sciences major with a Concentration in Cell & Molecular Biology and Genetics, research experience is essential to my success and visible in my near future. I greatly appreciate the opportunity I am presented with through the Research Experience for Undergraduates Site Program. Foremost, those chosen will be working side-by-side with research personnel drawn from numerous departments throughout the university. Looking at the University’s faculty profiles, it is apparent that each and every member demonstrates extensive experience within their specific field, ranging from ecology to statistics to the study of wild bottlenose dolphins. I have the option to select which research groups I would prefer to work with, yet, I have no knowledge of which faculty member I would be assigned to if I am accepted into the program. Still, after considering each faculty member and the work they specialize in, I must confess a certain attraction to toward the work of two women. The first, Janet Mann, has curated a long-term project investigating “a range of questions concerning bottlenose dolphin development, life history, behavior, communication, social relationships, habitat, reproduction, diet, genetics, mortality, predators, prey, human impacts, and conservation” since the 1990’s. The second, Sarah Johnson, strives to understand “how Mars, a planet once very similar to Earth, could have evolved in such a dramatically different way and searching for evidence of habitable or once-habitable environments there”. Both researches exhibit passion and dedication to their pursuits, revealed by the longevity of their work and their commitment to mentor students each summer. Although I do not intend to pursue research as a career, I am eager to begin to develop laboratory and practical analytical skill, which are aa fundamental element of my education. An internship situated within our nation’s capital near a diverse range of habitats and ecosystems provides an unparalleled opportunity for someone with my research interests and career ambitions. Not only will my work over the summer incorporate lab techniques, statistical analysis, group collaboration, public presentations, etc., but it will simultaneously reinforce the skills I acquired during my labs at UD. It is often difficult to remain hopeful when confronted with complex environmental challenges and arguments. However, taking action and working alongside these mentors to further educate ourselves builds communities between societies as well as empowers all those involved.