It my place in this world. Dr.

It was just your typical sweltering hot day in North Carolina when I, Linda Brent, headed off to work, tired as usual. Even the sun in the sky looked burned out from shining it’s light all day. Speaking of time, I am fifteen years old. Yes, that’s right, fifteen years old. The reason I’m going to work at age fifteen is because I’m black. I hate that word. Everytime I say it, think about it, or even hear it, it reminds me of what I am in life, nothing. My wonderful grandma has tried to teach me that I am worth more than I think, but after working for my master Dr. Flint, for three years, I know my place in this world. Dr. Flint is a vile old man. He loves to fill women’s heads with nasty, cruel thoughts, especially mine. Almost everyday when I come to work he wants to have a little talk or chat with me in his office. I am no longer a pure child, thanks to him. He continues to say words no man should ever say to a young woman. Luckily he did have quite a sweet daughter, Emily Flint. I was really in his daughter’s possession. You see, when my first kind, sweet master died, I thought she would leave me free but instead she left me to her niece, Emily. This little girl is now eight years old, and she is growing prettier and smarter everyday. Unfortunately she is also growing quite ill. It all started when she threw up at the dining room table. Dr. Flint, being a doctor immediately ran to help her, but when examining her, couldn’t find anything wrong. The worst part about it is that many doctors have now come in to check on her, but none seem to know what is wrong with her, or how to help her. I arrived at work early that morning. Everyone was still asleep, except for the servants of course, they were always up bright and early. Well I started walking down past Emily’s room, when I heard a loud shriek. I rushed into her room right away, closely followed by several other servants and Dr. Flint. I opened the door to see Emily on the floor shrieking and crying in agony. I will always remember the look of terror in her eyes. Her father brushed pass me quickly, putting his hand to his daughter’s head. He turned around sharply. “Which one of you did this?” he said in a panicked tone. I quickly responded, “No one sir, we just heard Ms. Emily shriek, same as you.” I looked around the room, hoping that this really was the truth. As everyone nodded their heads with grateful looks in their eyes I realized that it was silly to think that they would do anything to the one kind person in the Flint house. I heard Dr. Flint mutter under his breath,”What’s is wrong with her…” When he turned around it was as if a ghost had taken over him his face was pale white. “Well, don’t just stand there send for another doctor!” ordered Dr. Flint his strong voice now coming back. A few servants rushed out the room immediately, others still stood their shocked. It took me a moment, but I finally gathered myself and exited the room, not knowing what would happen. Then a curious thought entered my head. What would happen to me? Would I finally be freed from my life of eternal misery? No, of course not. Dr. Flint would almost certainly take possession of me.