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“It’s something we have internalized, and it’s propagated by everyone since we still have this colonial hang-up that white is better, white is wealth, white is someone rich enough to never toil in the sun.”1 Nikki Dugal, an Indian graphic artistTraditional ideals of beauty vary among different cultures and generations. Every culture has their stereotype of beauty, for example Swedish women are known to have ice blonde hair and crystal blue eyes, latin women are curvy and volumuus with their brown skin and hair, Asian women are appreciated for their oval faces, black hair and short height and in Ireland with our red hair and freckles. Each culture has appreciated these attributes of these women throughout generations. While these beauty notions where held in the past it seems that globalization is changing the traditional notions of beauty around the world. Cultural beauty notions however are changing and their is an international beauty ideal. This ideal has been formulatated by media through television shows, beauty ad campagiens, beauty pagents and the most infant of all, beauty bloggers and influencers which seem to have an effect on younger generations as you are never too young to be defined and targeted by the market. Societies define beauty norms that are reinforced by cultural industries. However these cultural beauty ideals are being globalised due to multinational corporations and their corporate branding and advertising. Brands are determined to make an emotional connection with you, they play on emotions, with the use of models, actors, images, these brands are advertising the same model etc all over the world. Due to online influencer, bloggers and advertising we are experiencing a interaction and intergration ¬†between societies therefore the defination of beauty is also converging. There are many different events taking place around the world. For example as I said advertisers are using the same beautiful models for ad campagiens around the world, The U.S and Europe are airing the same television shows and now these shows are also being aired all around the world, this includes The Victoria Secret Fashion Show and Beauty Pagents such as Miss Universe, these shows are consumed by millions every year, they are also consumed by children who as young as nine are already feeling the pressuers with these unrealistic body types. This shows etc also very much protraying the western ideal beauty. This leaves women and children striving to meet these standards. To achieve this Asian, African and so many other women are turning to plastic surgery in order to achieve the western beauty and turning their back on their orginal cultural beauty. As the message is that western beauty will increase their standard of living. Unfortunatley all they are doing is becoming great consumers as if they feel bad about themselves they will consume more as happy content people are not great consumers. Also women in the developing world are equate “Whiteness” and also caucasion features as with great economic success.