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The Vizsla, the symbolic dog of the Hungarian nation. This is one of the most impressive breeds in the area. They are beautiful, elegant and loyal and are excellent dog walker Bensalem. But they are a strong and active breed, and they are just the right pet sitter Bensalem for the right owner. If you are considering choosing the Hungarian Vizsla to be your dog’s companion, then read these interesting facts about this glittering breed to make sure they are good for you.
Facts About Vizsla To Know 

The Vizsla is sometimes referred to as one of the “Velcro dogs” and they tend to be literally very close to their owners. It happened because the Vizsla has evolved over the centuries to a pointer and retriever who has worked very close to the hunters, has never moved too far. That’s why they like to lean on you or serve as the foot warmer! Vizslas thrive on human attention and unite very strongly with their owners. They are also very communicative with their owners and complain, moan and make noises to make sure they know what is going on. Since they are a dog-friendly person, they are more likely to live indoors than in the yard.
The Vizsla breed standard requires a medium-sized dog. Men are 22 to 24 feet tall and women are 21 to 23 inches tall. The average weight is 40 to 65 pounds, depending on the height and amount of bone. The short and shiny coat has different shades of gold oxide. The eyes, nails, and nose should be mixed with the coat color. A small amount of white is allowed in the chest, but it is not desirable. The massive white areas on the chest or the white that extends over the toes are a disqualification.
They have more in common with cats than any other dogs. No, it does not purr and meow, but it is a self-cleaning dog walker Bensalem and has very little odor that most other dogs possess. So Vizsla is an ideal supplement for those with a sensitive nose and no desire to bathe your dog every week. In general, they are a carefree dog walker Bensalem for personal care, a regular weekly brush is probably enough for them. However, they have to cut their nails at least every two months.
Vizsla is a free spirit, a clown who loves everyone. They are not watchdogs. However, they are excellent guard dogs if what you mean by “watchdog” is an animal that barks to warn you about invaders. They bark like crazy when someone walks on the street and rings. Once inside, they will likely catch visitors on the wrist (or clothing) and accompany them to their most precious possessions. However, they protect your people, especially children, and defend them when they feel there is a real and present danger.

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How to Care for a Vizsla 

Exercise your Vizsla daily with a long, energetic walk with a leash or a research game for at least an hour. These dogs are a high energy breed and without frequent training they become destructive. Run your Vizsla dog walker Bensalem in a narrow space, such as B. a garden with fences about 6 feet high from the leash. Vizsla can jump lower fences and escape from your garden.
Set up a mobility course in your garden and guide your dog walker Bensalem through the obstacles. The Vizsla Club of America offers agility courses and sponsors regional competitions; Join a local chapter to attend these events. With his eagerness to please and his intelligence, the Vizsla stands out in the formation of agility and tests that give it away out to train it while paying attention to its spirit.
Give your pet sitter Bensalem chew toy to play while he’s alone. This breed likes to chew and chews things like shoes or furniture if, your pet sitter Bensalem don’t have sufficient outlets for this natural behavior. Occupy your dog with a chew toy, where you can place treats while you are not.
Teach your dog basic obedience commands. Dog walker Bensalem responds well to the training and looks forward to pleasing her owner. Use positive training methods such as a clicker and food rewards; Negative punishments emphasize their sensitive vizsla, fueling aggression and shyness.
Register your dog walker Bensalem with a local Obedience class through an organization such as the VCA to attend AKC Obedience Trials. These not only help your pet sitter Bensalem to obey his commands but also help train and socialize with other dogs.