Jack of his chosen people have been momentous.

Jack KernMrs. KellyScripture16 January 2018Throughout salvation history, the saving actions of God on behalf of his chosen people have been momentous. The actions of God in the old testament give a little insight into how great our God is. Although the Israelites have been unfaithful to God on multiple occasions, nevertheless God has saved the Israelites from their enemies, because they are his chosen people.We see an example of God’s salvation with the first humans, Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve also commit the very first sin. By eating from the tree they were forbidden to eat from they were kicked out. However God did not turn his back on them, God promised the world a messiah. The next story of Cain and Abel we see that God protects even those that have turned their backs on him. Cain kills Abel out of jealousy and turns away from God. Even by committing this mortal sin God still stays in Cairns life.The last example of prehistory in the book of Genesis is the Tower of Babel. This story is a perfect example of how humans trying to carve out a destiny of its own making. This selfishness is shown by the nations who try to build a tower that will take them straight to heaven. God then comes down to see what they are building. He stops them by confusing their languages and dispersing the people. This is a perfect example of human arrogance and a lack of consideration for God. This is also a good example of how God delivers us from sin and his forgiveness of his people.The next big moment in salvation history is the Exodus and the wanderings in the desert. The Exodus is where God saves the Israelites from the Egyptians. The way of God sending the plague he shows to the Israelites the Gods of the Egyptians are powerless to him. God parts the sea and saves the Israelites by water. This can be looked at as a type of Baptism. In the time following the Exodus, the Israelites are plagued with wandering the desert. In this time they are unfaithful to him again and again. However, even when they are unfaithful to God, he provides for them again and again. Even though the Israelites are consistently unfaithful God continues to provide for them.