Jad, and aunts, your cousins, your many friends

Jad, I feel so Bad


In memory of our late Jad Haddani,

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First of all, on behalf of the
Haddani and Bouchiba families, I would like to thank all the people for their
marks of sympathy, support and affection for this terrible ordeal. I send you my
deepest gratitude.

My dear best friend Jad, it has been
exactly seven weeks since you were gone, seven weeks since you left us to
answer the call of the Lord. It’s also been this period since I want to write
to you to express my pain, my great sadness, my deep sorrow, without the
courage and lucidity necessary to do it.

Today, I finally decided to do it.

And it is quite naturally with a very heavy heart, an extremely tight throat
and wet eyes of tears that I dedicate to you these few words to testify to you
all the Love that I carried to you, that you carried obviously your parents,
your one and only little sister, your grandparents, your uncles and aunts, your
cousins, your many friends – and God knows you had a lot of them – and all the
people who knew you from near and far in view of the innumerable marks of
sympathy received since.


My dear jad, it proves, if need be, how much you were loved by all,
young and old, for your goodness, your sympathy, your selflessness, your good
fellowship, as well as for all the values ??your parents have instilled in you
since your younger age. The anecdotes and stories reported by both of us in recent
days tell a lot about the young man you were, and especially about the man you
were going to become. To hear them, there is little doubt that you will remain
forever in their hearts, as in the hearts of all those and those whom you have
met at a time of your life, of your very short life.


My dear Jad, you cannot imagine the
pain of speaking about you in the past, never being able to talk to you,
laughing with you or just seeing you again, which saddens me to the point to
break my heart! How cannot you imagine either the enormous emptiness, or rather
the chasm, that you left behind in our respective lives, and that my life will
never be like before without your presence? Certainly this void is terribly
felt every day, but you have to know that you are and you will always be
present in our thoughts, our conversations, our douaas, remembering your
laughs, your memories and all the good times we had the pleasure to share
together, since the first day you came into the world, February, 8, 2000, and
the intense happiness you have procured during these 17 years.

My dear Jad, it is with great
sadness that I say goodbye to you, because, in the end, it is only a goodbye my
very dear Jad! As believers, we are obliged to bow to the divine will, to
accept to endure this terrible ordeal, as bitter as it is, and to continue not
without you, but only far from you, as so aptly said a loved one. You have to Know
one last thing very well, your memory will remain engraved forever in my memory
and I will always carry you in my heart until the end of my days, before
joining you one day.


Before concluding, I take advantage
of this painful opportunity to get a message, especially from young people,
whether you are Jad’s friends or simple acquaintances, REFLEX twice rather than
the respect of the Highway Code, because an accident can happen quickly, life
can quickly tip over and the consequences are often disastrous, first for
yourselves, but also for all the beings who are dear to you. STOP saying that we
are young, then we have to enjoy our crazy life. Coffins are all of the sizes
and colors. So, be careful and be aware of your actions that can be sometimes


My dear Jad, may Allah bless you,
welcome you to His holy mercy and grant you the eternal Paradise.