Jardi Tancat Essay

“Jardi Tancat” is a dance created by a Spanish choreographer Nacho Duato in 1983, as his first piece of work.

The song is based on Catalonian folk tales, composed and sung by Maria del Mar Bonet (1981). Jardi Tancat meaning “’enclosed garden” in Spanish. The dancers are representing 3 men and 3 women playing the couples on the farm or enclosed garden which this scene is set in. The dance begins in silence, to represent a peaceful dawn, and the beginning of a new day.The lighting in this scene does the same, as the lighting is dull, dull orange and yellow along with a fading black. The start of the dance is levelled lower to the ground for the beginning as they are representing waking up. Their everyday life consists of praying to God for rain as they are in desperate need of water to grow crops and working on the land using ploughing movements.

The couples are dressed in matching colours, women colours are much brighter and bolder than men, representing the women standing out.The performance is done by using different motifs to show the hardships they face. During the performance, relationship drama is shown symbolic gestures are shown to represent conflict between the different couples, and between the couples themselves.

There is a lot of movement representing the harvesting and the farming work thought the dance, it shows they work hard every day. Nacho Duato uses great elements of space in his different techniques in the performance.The areas of the stage that the dancers inhabit show that they stay of their farm and never leave the enclosed garden to see what’s on the other side of the fence.

This shows the cyclic lifestyle of the working class, Catalonian people who live off the land. In the middle of the performance, the lighting indicates a dry hot lifestyle as bright orange and yellow fading colours. Duato uses great floor patters to keep the indication of the enclosed garden.Another shape performed throughout the dance is the use of circles. This repetition is used to indicate repeating every day of farm life is the same.

This is shown by ususing arms and legs to draw circles, and the space between them forming a circle. For example, the section in the dance when the couples perform together, the first couple shows circular shapes then passes them on to the next couple, their hands are together and are moved over the head in a circular motion.