J?b employee, in ?rd?r to ?v?id l?g?l

J?b interviews ??n make
even th? most prepared ??ndid?t?? un??mf?rt?bl?. But ?lth?ugh th? hiring
m?n?g?r i? in the driv?r’? seat, there’s a chance they’ll make a wr?ng turn ?nd
??k a ?u??ti?n th?t is ?ff limit?—? question th?t ??u d?n’t have t? ?n?w?r, and
sometimes d?finit?l? shouldn’t. Even trained hiring managers ?nd r??ruit?r?
sometimes ??k illegal ?u??ti?n?.

Th? j?b int?rvi?w i? a
??w?rful f??t?r in th? ?m?l???? ??l??ti?n ?r?????. Y?u ??n u?? b?h?vi?r?l-b???d
job int?rvi?w ?u??ti?n? t? h?l? ??u ??l??t ?u??ri?r candidates. Int?rvi?w
questions can h?l? ??u id?ntif? whether th? candidate h?? the b?h?vi?r?,
skills, ?nd ?x??ri?n?? n??d?d for th? j?b ??u are filling.

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Wh?n ??u’r? ?r???ring t?
int?rvi?w a j?b ??ndid?t?, you ?r?b?bl? h?v? a list ?f questions ??u w?nt t?
??k that ??r??n. But it’s ??u?ll? im??rt?nt t? kn?w wh?t ?u??ti?n? you
shouldn’t b? ??king a ??t?nti?l employee, in ?rd?r to ?v?id l?g?l tr?ubl?.

A???rding t? a study b?
C?r??rBuild?r, 20 percent ?f hiring managers h?v? asked a question in a job
int?rvi?w, ?nl? to find ?ut later th?t it w?? ill?g?l t? ask. For th?
protection of b?th th? interviewer ?nd int?rvi?w??, ?m?l???r? need t?
und?r?t?nd wh?t th?? d? ?nd d?n’t h?v? a legal right t? ?u??ti?n job candidates

Ill?g?l interview
questions, while n?t illegal in th? ?tri?t??t ??n?? ?f the word, have ?? much
??t?nti?l to m?k? your company li?bl? in a discrimination l?w?uit, that they
might ?? w?ll b? ill?g?l.

Th?ugh th?ir int?nti?n?
m?? b? harmless, hiring m?n?g?r? could unkn?wingl? b? ?utting th?m??lv?? ?t
risk f?r l?g?l ??ti?n, as a j?b ??ndid?t? could ?rgu? th?t ??rt?in ?u??ti?n?
w?r? u??d to discriminate ?g?in?t him ?r her.

In th? ??ur?? of a
??mf?rt?bl? int?rvi?w during which ??rti?i??nt? ?r? relaxed, d?n’t l?t the
interview turn into a ?h?t session. This easily happens ?????i?ll? wh?n ??u
take ??ndid?t?? ?ut f?r lun?h ?r dinn?r. Seemingly inn??u?u? int?rvi?w ?u??ti?n?
such ?? th? following ?r? illegal.

Wh?t m?k?? a j?b
int?rvi?w question ill?g?l is it? ??t?nti?l f?r ?m?l???r di??rimin?ti?n b???d
?n th? ?n?w?r. Federal l?w? und?r Titl? VII ?f the Civil Right? A?t of 1964 and
later amendments ?r?hibit di??rimin?ti?n ?g?in?t a job ???li??nt ?r ?m?l????
b???d ?n a v?ri?t? ?f ?h?r??t?ri?ti??, in?luding r???, color, n?ti?n?l ?rigin,
??x, g?nd?r id?ntit?, ??xu?l orientation, ?g?, di??bilit?, religion, political
vi?w? and family ?t?tu?. Employers with ?t l???t 15 employees ?r? ?ubj??t t?
these l?w?, which ?r? ?nf?r??d by th? U.S. E?u?l Em?l??m?nt O???rtunit?
Commission (EEOC).

E???nti?ll?, you ?r?
un?bl? t? ??k ?u??ti?n? th?t could r?v??l inf?rm?ti?n that can lead t? bi?? in
hiring. Asking ?b?ut ??m??n?’? ??r??n?l ?ffili?ti?n? — social ?rg?niz?ti?n?,
??mmunit? organizations, r?ligi?u? groups — ??uld ??uld also b? t?gg?d Ill?g?l
interview ?u??ti?n? ?nd could l??d to bi??.

Th? L?g?lit? Of A Qu??ti?n D???nd? On the

S?m?tim??, th? l?g?lit?
of th? question d???nd? ?n h?w the interviewer ??k? it, ????rding t?
CareerBuilder. For ?x?m?l?, wh?n di??u??ing ??ndid?t??’ retirement plans, it’?
OK to ??k what th?ir l?ng-t?rm g??l? ?r?, but it’? not ?????t?bl? t? ??k when
th?? plan to r?tir?.

A???rding t? CareerBuilder,
?th?r ?u??ti?n? hiring m?n?g?r? need to ?hr??? ??r?full? include the f?ll?wing:

Wh?r? d? you liv?? A?king candidates where
th?? live i? illegal b???u?? it ??uld b? interpreted as a way t? di??rimin?t?
b???d ?n their location. The b?tt?r w?? to phrase th? ?u??ti?n is to ??k
??ndid?t?? if th??’r? willing t? relocate.

What w?? the n?tur? ?f ??ur milit?r?
di??h?rg?? A?king why a military v?t?r?n w?? discharged i? illegal. However,
employers ??n ask what t??? of education, training ?r work ?x??ri?n?? a ??ndid?t?
received while in the milit?r?.

Ar? ??u a U.S. ?itiz?n? Although you can
??k if a ??ndid?t? i? l?g?ll? ?ligibl? for employment in th? U.S., it’? ill?g?l
t? ??k ?b?ut ?itiz?n?hi? ?r n?ti?n?l ?rigin.

What if ??u ???id?nt?ll? l??rn protected

Ev?n if ??u don’t
outright ??k any illegal interview ?u??ti?n?, you still n??d to b? ??r?ful
?b?ut a candidate who v?lunt?ril? ?ff?r? information r?l?t?d t? an EEOC
?r?t??t?d status. Mora n?t?d th?t ??ndid?t?? m?? r?v??l ?u?h inf?rm?ti?n in th?
first f?w minutes of ?n int?rvi?w, wh?n hiring m?n?g?r? typically m?k? ?m?ll
t?lk t? help th? candidate f??l ??mf?rt?bl?. F?r example, you m?? think a
common ?u??ti?n lik? “H?w was your weekend?” would b? inn??u?u?, but
it ??uld lead t? answers th?t r?v??l protected inf?rm?ti?n.

“Thi? ??n easily
slip int? a ??nv?r??ti?n ?f talking ?b?ut one’s ???u?? ?r kids,” M?r? told
Business News D?il?. “Whil? this ??n ???m h?rml??? ?t a ?urf??? l?v?l, it
could l??d t? a ???? ?f di??rimin?ti?n, ?? it indir??tl? uncovers a bias ?f
wh?th?r the ??ndid?t? ??n inv??t th? expected ?m?unt ?f tim? f?r thi? r?l? in
?rd?r to b? ?u?????ful.”

Y?u might also learn ??m?
facts about a ??ndid?t? during your pre-interview r????r?h. F?r instance, maybe
you look them up ?n ???i?l m?di?, and th?? ???t ?b?ut their spouse/children,
h?m?t?wn ?r ?rg?niz?ti?n? they b?l?ng to. Whil? it’? t??hni??ll? l?g?l t?
r????r?h ??ndid?t??’ public ???i?l ?r?fil??, it’? im??rt?nt not t? u?? ?n?
inf?rm?ti?n ??u learn ?? a d??iding f??t?r in hiring th?m, ?nd ??u definitely
shouldn’t ask ?n? questions related to any ?r?t??t?d inf?rm?ti?n ??u un??v?r.

A writ?r; Louise
Kursmark, said th?t carefully planned ?u??ti?n? ?nd a ?tru?tur?d interview
?r????? ?h?uld h?l? r?du?? th? ri?k ?f discovering thi? type ?f inf?rm?ti?n.
H?w?v?r, if a ??ndid?t? does v?lunt??r any f??t? ??u shouldn’t h?v? l??rn?d,
th? best thing t? do i? n?t make a n?t? ?f it or pursue ?n? furth?r ?u??ti?n?
?b?ut it.

“Y?u ??n’t ?r??? th?
information fr?m ??ur m?m?r?, but ??u ??n ?limin?t? it ?? a discussion point
and ??l??ti?n factor,” Kur?m?rk wr?t?.