Jeffersonian vs Anglo Saxon Essay

Compare between classical model and Anglo-Saxon model of local government. According to Royal Commission of Inquiry of Malaysia, Local Government is a subsystem operating within or among a number of other subsystems. Local government is the lowest system that operates under the state and federal government. Higher government gave its one body handled on local issues that represent the power whether from federal government or state government, which has limited autonomy in terms of financial and administration, have power to sue and sued by others and have legal property.

Basically, local government is an entity where it will play it role a specific area of territory. In order to determine the role of local government, certain model can be used for example classical and Anglo-Saxon model of local government. There are certain characteristics that can be seen in order to differentiate between both models. Firstly, classical school and anglo saxon model are different in terms of the community under the local government.

In the classical school, it is explained thet the community that formed the LG was the hunter’s gatherers and small scales farmers whereas in anglo saxon, the community consisted of the king and the witan. This shows that during classical school era, the people does not have head of state as compared to anglo saxon model where they have the King as the head of state and also as the chief of magistrate while the witans acted as the wise Secondly, these two models are different in terms of the administrative body.

In classical school, there were no appropriate body that involves in the duty to administer the state. This is because, the people in this era focus their development with laws and they are tied with the development of agriculture suitable with most of the community who was hunters and farmers. While in anglo saxon model, the state was being administered by a specific body such as administration justice that possessed both judicial and executive authority.

In classical school model, they are surrounded by the population while in Anglo Saxon model they were surrounded by their supporters that were known as thanes that were bound close ties to their superior. Thirdly, in terms of the local government services. In classical school model, the effect of the LG’s services can be seen in the community which is when the farmer populations gathered in denser and larger communities, they have increased interaction with the population which resulted to increase in information exchange.

This shows that, the local governments were improving when they get the feedback from their population. In contrast, the Anglo Saxon model, effects of local government services can only be seen in the local government itself where the individual that were selected to led the armed forced of the country, possessed certain lands attach to the office and was entitles to a share of fines and moneys levied for the king use. In both CS and AS model, they have their own model. For CS, they have the Jeffersonian model (JF) where it had been introduced by US 3rd President.

In the JF model it has its own characteristics that distinguish them with AS model. The first characteristic is core political value of representative’s democracy where in this value the people have the right to choose for their own representatives. In JF, the national government must be monitored closely and constraint it power in order to avoid the misuse of power. The national government power can be constraint through the concept of democracy so that they will know their power were restricted to specific power.

Not only that, in JF, they also have the freedom of speech and the press as they practicing the democracy type of government where the press and the people were given the right partially to voice out anything. Whereas in AS model, they have Benthamite model that had been introduced by Jeremy Benthamite. In contrast to JF model, the B model were focus on the legal aspects and social reports which is about the equality between the majority and minority. We can say that in this model, they are more to the utilitarianism as they focus on providing greatest good for the greatest number of people.

This means, the local government will provide goods that are equal and makes everyone happy. In this model, they have more social interactions as compare to JF model. In the social interaction we can see that the publics have the right to say anything and choose which government will make them happiness or pain. Besides that in this model they established law as form of mechanism. They established the law in order to measure the pleasure and the pains associated with legislation which means they provide law that were equal and balance for their people.

By having the legislation that play important role in local government, they will have good interaction with the people as they need to know what are the demands of people in order to gain the pleasure of the people. To conclude, in every role of local government, their important role is still to provide the infrastructure for the benefits of its populations in order to survive and improve their roles. The local government should know that without population it is impossible for them to develop the area. So, the local governments have to provide the demands from the population and solve their problems. 2.

Discuss the application of economic development model in Malaysian Local Government. (15m) Economic development model is referred to increases in the local economy’s capacity in order to create wealth for local residents. The increases can be in term of local resources like labour and land are being used in more productively. In Malaysian local government practice, in order to increase the local economy’s capacity it is started with increase in local resources. Local resources can be in term of land, technology, labour and money. Without all of these resources, it is impossible for the local government to generate their income.

In this level, when the higher the resources can be gained, it means the higher the economics’ capacity can be generated. Once the local government manage to gather their resources, the application of economic development model is continued with the service provided by the local government itself. Here, when the local government have a sufficient resources, only then it can perform its role to deliver an effectively services to the public. For example, through the resources like money, it can be allocated to the development of road and building for the local government territory.

Therefore, it can change the area to become more develop and well organized. After providing all the facilities needed like road, building and systematic water drainage, it can contributes to the development of the area of jurisdiction of that one particular local government. The development is happen when at stage where the local government manage to provide all basic needs of the public as well as manage to develop the commercial area, it will attract investor to invest and directly it can give benefits towards the society as well as the local government itself.

The benefits can be enjoyed by the society in term of job opportunity for example. Once the investor opened their factory in a new area, the tendency that they will find local people to work with them is high and they need not to employed those who are not living within the area since it incurred more cost for example transportation and hostel. Indirectly, it can increase the living quality of the local people. As for the benefit of local government itself, they can generate more income since they can collect taxes from those investors.

The more the number of investors in the area, the higher the taxes can be collected. Last but not least, since the local government manage to collect the taxes from the investor as well as the public for the services like providing licences for business, assessment and charges, it creating wealth for the local government itself and the money will be spent for the future activity in order to fulfil the demand of the public which keep on rising day by day.