Jesse LFC Essay

Sports have accompanied me throughout my school days. I was always given a role to play in the main team in competition, but not a chance to lead my team as a captain. am an easily contented person who doesn’t expect much to be happy; being in the team was good enough for me. Mainly for that reason, there are situations where do not have confident in leading others. This is a challenge for me as my vision is to become a Marketing Manager in 6 years time after my graduation. believe that to become a Marketing Manager is not a child play.

The key criteria in becoming a manager in any ndustry, believe are to have the confident to lead and the charisma to attract others to follow. Therefore, I will explore my strength and weaknesses using Central Michigan University Model (CMU Model) and take them into consideration in my development plan in becoming a confident and charismatic Marketing Manager. 1. Why Central Michigan university Model ? A descriptive Central Michigan University Mode (CMU Model) was chosen over other leadership models like National Occupational Standard (NOS) was probably due to the fact that CMU model helps to develop individual’s weaknesses . el that it is important to improve ongs weaknesses as I believe that it will enhance the overall leadership skill. CMU states that the core competencies are made up of valuable skills, attitude, behaviors, abilities and knowledge areas. However leaders need not to be good in every competencies, but they need to be conscious of all of them as knowing their weaknesses and focusing on developing them or so that they are able to see their weaknesses in the strength of others (Central Michigan University 2004). 2.

Central Michigan University Self -Assessment As a newly join social worker for the elderly under The New Charis Mission Organization (TNCM), I have only undertaken one refurbishing project so far. Through this project, I realized that many of the time, I have forgotten myself as the organizer or leader, and ended up doing the work all by myself without delegating any work. Partly, do not have the courage to empower myself with authority to instruct others to do things and also I am afraid that my friends who were under me will get tired.

Eventually, this has led to an ineffective management as we have worked past the actual finishing time. The official webpage of CMU has provided me with opportunity to participate n a self- assessment test on my leadership capabilities. The attainment of my strengths and weaknesses are based on questions regarding leadership skills, abilities, behavior, beliefs, attitude and knowledge. The results from the test specified that I have the capabilities in servant leadership, maintaining safety, work place ethics and resolving conflicts.

This test also indicated that my weaknesses are primarily based on empowering, instructing, and public speaking. These few strengths and weaknesses are chosen from the top ten competencies indicated in the test, as I feel that these strength and eaknesses are competencies which are important for me to become a confident and charismatic marketing leader. 3. Leadership Theories The phrase servant leadership was coined by Robert K. Greenleaf, he states that the term servant leader means servant first and also this leadership helps to develop people to strive and thrive.

Being a people- oriented leader, always show empathy in my followers and putting them first before myself. Secondly, having to conquer charismatic leadership approach is not simple. Charismatic leaders are seen to be trustworthy, reliable, innovative, esteemed and powerful (Gardner &Avolio 1998). However, not all charismatic leaders are necessarily good leaders. feel that a good charismatic leader should have the qualities of self confident, enable to empower others, superb communication skills and ability to inspire trust.

I am aware of myself dominating some of the qualities subconsciously but believe there is still room of improvement to develop the right skills. 4. Industry-specific issues Marketing industry is an area which needed creativity and adaptability skills to suit the needs of the ever changing world. Thus, as a marketing manager, it is important to create a conducive environment for your team members to elp them to Come up with creative ideas and also to motivate them to develop themselves in order to keep up with the change in the macro environment.

Secondly, internal conflicts in such industry are inevitable, especially in industry which values teamwork. Many of the time, conflicts due to disagreement between team members would arise. Therefore it is important for marketing manager to analyze the situation and resolve these issues fairly without any delay. Lastly, having a good relationship with internal departments, clients and external suppliers are also crucial. Building ood rapport with them allows better and smoother workflow, thus increasing of productivity.

As a marketing manager, I believe that developing good public relation skills is essential so as to build and sustain relationship with these people. 5. Person- Specific issues As a female to begin with, there might be gender biasness in the organization which makes it difficult for females to be promoted to a higher management. The reason for that is because females are pictured to be soft, indecisive, family oriented gender. Therefore have to develop my leadership skills in order to change the perspective of a female leader. Secondly, positive relationship is likening to have greater productivity.

Although might have a degree which believe not everyone in the company would have studied a degree but it is crucial for me as a new breed in the company to build positive relationship with my senior staffs and team members, as they have vast experiences in this field which would be helpful in my career growth. Apart from gaining knowledge from my senior staffs, it is also appropriate to respect your elders even when you are more capable than them. 6. Leadership Plan This leadership development plan will consist of communicating, influencing nd motivating others as my vision is to become a marketing manager in 6 years time. ope that this plan would allow me to develop skills which would equip me to positively influence my team members and also to have good communication skills so as to build good public relations to both internal and external parties. 6. 1. Communication ( Year 1 to 3) Communication is one of the leadership skills which every leader should have. Without an effective communication skill, you will never reach the needs and expectations of the one you are communicating with (Myatt,M 2012). In the same article, Myatt talks about being a good communicator you have first be a good listener and a person with good judgment.

In my view as a good communicator, you must not only be an active listener but also be well equip with public speaking skills. Being a good listener and with a good judgment is never easy. First and foremost, an understanding of the organization culture is important, as I believe that they have their own way in communicating with one another. After getting a hand on their culture, feel that when communicating With co-workers and clients, should understand heir values, attitudes, moods and concerns regarding issues so that would have a bigger and clearer picture Of the situation, thus communicating to them in an appropriate manner.

An advantage by creating an understanding of them would also bring about trust. According to Myatt in Forbes, not everyone will open up to someone whom you don’t trust. Therefore I feel that have to put in effort to understand them so that I would be worthy of their trust. After capturing the knowledge and understanding of my co- workers and clients, believe it is time for me to learn how to present myself through peaking confidently. I have planned to sign up basic courses on public speaking first and to practice it frequently so as to build up my confident at the same time.

As believe that confident is not through a day or two, but in long term as I progress myself. 6. 2. Influencing( Year 4 to 6) After 3 years of developing myself to be more confident in communicating with others, I believe that I am half way thru my goal of becoming a marketing manager. The next competency that want to develop myself in is having influence in others. Influencing is one of the important core competencies that a leader should acquire. As I recalled in the earlier paragraphs, teamwork is essential in the marketing industry.

Therefore, as a leader have to set an example to learn on how to cooperate with my team members and creating cohesiveness so that to influence them to work towards our common goal as a team. Asa leader, I will organize teambuilding workshop and also frequent informal meeting which would promote bonding among co-workers and me. Secondly, I have to master the skill of leveraging others’ strength so that to deliver a more effective and efficient outcome. This means that have to empower others with authority and investing power in others.

According to the authors from Center for Creative Leadership, they have stated that when a leader wants to empower others with authority, we have to first teach them on how to use the authority that we empowered them with. By empowering them with authority, this would give them the acknowledgement that I have trust in them. 7. Feedback of leadership plan This development plan was reviewed by one of my voluntary organization in charge, Timothy Sim. I feel that he is straight forward and agile in spotting out my mistakes, furthermore Timothy never fails to let me understand through haring with me his experiences.

Therefore I believe that he is the most appropriate person to review my plan. Timothy commented that my development plan would make me to become more confident and charismatic as it is precise and comprehensive. However, he believes that there would always bound to have someone in the team who will disagree with yours or organization decision, therefore he suggested that I should also acquire having an open door policy which encourage individuals to voice out. He felt that by having such policy, my team members will have a sense of belonging and trust.

Additionally, having an open door policy also take away Of my image as an authoritarian manager and promote an ease in communication in the organization. As such, I will always remind my team members to provide feedback about how they feel about any issues regarding the matter and also to get back to their queries with satisfactory answer. Timothy also felt that in a marketing industry, creativity is an important component. However, a one man show is impossible to keep bringing in creativity. Therefore, Timothy suggested that I should learn how to open up to new ideas from others; either within the team or externally.

From this feedback, believe that should always stay humble and try out new ideas from others, also reward those whose Ideas have been a success. These two plans can be included in my development plan during year 4 to 6 as that is the period when I am becoming a marketing manager. 8. Evaluation of Leadership Plan believe that having to re-attempt the self assessment on the CMU model would be feasible for an evaluation of my leadership development. Comparing the previous results with my current results of my strength and weaknesses would determine any effectiveness in my development plan.

Another method would be gathering peer appraisal and feedback from my immediate superiors to evaluate my development. I believe that they will do a better evaluator than a self assessment because they will be working with me as a team and they would be able to know my strength and weaknesses as a third party which will reduce biasness. Finally, would like to challenge myself to take up another refurbishing project in near future. At the same time, I will ask for feedback about any improvement seen in my leadership skills from Timothy or other in charge that will be with me for that project. 9. Conclusion

This report allows me to ponder deeply in what I want to have in my career and it made me to focus on steps for me to reach my goal. It also made me realized my strength and weaknesses that I have not known off. hope that by following closely to my plan, am able to develop myself and becoming a charismatic and confident marketing manager in 6 years time.